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I've never painted a completed mini before and with my epic swag of Bones on the way I figured I'd better get some practice in, so I bought Reaper's 'Learn 2 Paint Kits.' Just finished up the first figure from the first set, Anhurian:



Went a little side-ways off of the original instructions and used a bit of Leaf Green on the grass as well as some Sun Yellow for the extra highlights. I also painted in the freehand rampant lion and extra line details on his tunic and sleeves.


Having worked on this mini I can honestly say that I'm really looking forward to getting into the non-metallic-metals kit, I've never been fond of metallic paints and having worked with them now my feelings towards them haven't changed much. I'm very picky when it comes to placing my shadows and highlights and metallic paints / washes make me want to pull my hair out.

I can understand why they exist, they certainly make things very fast but personally I'd prefer to spend the time to shade my own metals by hand.

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You're a good candidate for non-metallic metal. I think you'll enjoy Kit 3. You should still leave it til last to get the extra layering practice in, and Kit 5 will show you something in-between pure metallics and non-metallic metals. It's good coverage of the primary toolset across all the kits.


Your Anhurian looks good, and I love the Lion Rampant on the shield.

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Thanks buglips! I will save kit 3 till last, I'll just be chewing at the bit until I get it to. *non metallic metals, nomnomnom!*

I was nearly tempted to do a rampant unicorn, but decided on the lion. I'll save the unicorn for some flamboyant Paladin from my Bones minis later on.

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Yes, I shall definitley be keeping an eye out for your work. I know how talented an artist you are (still waiting for that portrait of me and my cat as Homestuck characters ::P: ) but to see that talented so well translated to such a medium as this will be something very interesting indeed.

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Yes, I shall definitley be keeping an eye out for your work. I know how talented an artist you are (still waiting for that portrait of me and my cat as Homestuck characters ::P: ) but to see that talented so well translated to such a medium as this will be something very interesting indeed.

Guuuuuuuuuh Homestuck. I must admit, it's not that I *hate* Homestuck per-say... I just don't 'get it.' I've tried to get into the comic several times, but no matter how far I get through it it still never clicks with me. I just assume it's one of those things where I'm too old now to fully comprehend what it is or why people think it's good. It's my first real, 'oh you kids these days and the crazy things you're into' besides shaking my head at the appeal of modern music.


Thanks for the comments everyone, I may get a chance to start the rat today!

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      Just finished both learn to paint kits. First minis I've ever painted, pretty stoked how they turned out. I did take a couple experimental liberties just to see what happened. What do you guys think? 

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      What happens when a D&D friend says "Oh, you paint minis?  Here, paint all of these!" and hands you a bunch of them he's had in a box forever?  This, apparently.  Crossbowmen in both stupidly ostentatious gold and purple as well as in a less crazy look.

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      I've had these pics on my camera for a few days, and keep forgetting to upload them...  Keep getting distracted by other projects, but nothing wrong with that I say...  ^_^;;;;;  These photos were taken using my previous way of doing things, and I definitely prefer the "newer" way even if it means a bit more work up front, but there's less editing, and my kit lens is a LOT easier to work with for such up close pictures.  Kind of can't wait to get that Olympus 60mm f2.8 macro that's on my wishlist, but right now it's a debate between miniature supplies and camera gear, and the camera gear isn't currently on sale, plus we really could use a wider selection of paints in the house, so..... 
      Ingrid was definitely an....  Interesting challenge to paint, to say the least.  She has a great deal of smaller details to her, aaaaaand she's pint shot glass sized, which adds to things.  Interestingly enough, the biggest issue I kept running into was with her gloves, boots, and especially belt.  Cloak also gave some issues, even having me somewhat frustrated at first that my initial shadow layer looked a LOT like vertical red and black stripes, I kept it as it was, and added additional layers on, which seems to have partially corrected itself, but looking at the photos, at the right angles it... Still kind of shows that way.  Oh well, we learn as we go, right?
      This was also the first mini that I attempted something resembling eyes, and I did my best to have it look like she was looking right at the gem itself.  It took a few tries, but I managed to get some sort of hazel-brown eye going, although with just the one colour hazel eyes have (not the brown-green mix).

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      Couldn't resist the silly-ish title - it was originally going to be "Novice Painter, versus LTPK:Core!" but I changed it a touch at the end..  Bonus points if you read that as the Innkeeper from Hearthstone. :P 
      While I have painted miniatures in the past, I've first and foremost never shown such results to anyone, and secondly went in blindly with those ones, and while I was happy with them at the time, I wanted to improve.  Other things in life took over for a while, and then finally I said that's it, I'm either going to FINALLY paint my primered army of doom that was at Doom In June 2005 or I'm going to sell the minis I've had sitting in boxes for over a decade.  So glad I found out about the Learn to Paint Kits, because that pretty much solidified that decision right then and there :P
      Anyways!  At some point we were all at this stage, and while looking over the pictures I can see a number of things I can improve on (*cough* like my up close photography skills *cough*), but for most things...  I'm happy with them.  Especially the chain mail on the Orc Marauder.  I just might have to retake some of these photos, because I realize looking at them that, uhm, first and foremost f1.7 blurs half the model, and secondly, I didn't get a shot of the backside of the Marauder's Shield, which I was also happy about.  Oops.
      But before I ramble on for three pages......!



      Drybrushing feels sooooo weird, but it was starting to click once I got to Magnu, even if I wound up overdoing it in a few areas and it so wasn't a dry effect anymore.  But that's life, we learn from our actions!
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