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This is a tabletop game play terrain piece in (15mm)...it is an orc or goblin village/compound...completely scratchbuilt (except for the b/w cows) on ceiling tile base...all rock formations are my plaster casts cut & sculptured to fit...piece is (14" x 14").

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    • By Glitterwolf
      This was made for and with my girlfriend.
      She painted the princess most of it..I finished it.
      This way she wanted to know what my hobby was like.
      It seems she likes to look at these but painting is not her thing.
      Too bad, I think she got talent.
      The Prince woos the Princess from the other pond, a Jester is chaperonne.

    • By Michael-TLH
      A friend of mine is running our group through the Pathfinder adventure path "Reign of Winter"
      Because I am a sadist, I decided to try and paint up something as a present for him in appreciation of running such a long series of modules.
      In addition, I am working with the folks at http://impudentmortal.com/ to create the hut (while I will be sculpting the chicken leg base).
      This thread is to kick me in the pants so that I actually finish it!
      First up is my "inspiration" shots on my corkboard... I find it helps to have visuals up that A: kick me in the pants whenever I walk by and B: give me some help whenever I think, "Hmm... what color should I do her babushcka?" and other random questions... so — inspiration board pics:

    • By catdancer
      TITLE...Jungle Waterfall Pond
      SCRATCH BUILT...This is a tabletop gaming piece that depicts a small jungle waterfall and pond. Used by adventure group members to bathe, wash their clothes, water their animals and refill their waterskins. 
      PHOTOS 7 & 8...Depict the small clearing...(photo 7) without the character clothing & weapon...(photo 8) with the character clothing & weapon.
      NEAR COMPLETE...The piece is complete except for the final pour of liquid water on the pond...I do water pours only when I have 4 to 5 pieces that need it; so that I can do all of them at the same time.
      Hope you like this little piece of work.
      Paul (Catdancer)...
    • By catdancer
      Just like the (adventure camp site) & (2 wheel adventure wagon/cart); this is a game playing piece. The adventure group needs to find water to replenish their waterskins, the horse needs water to drink...and most important (adventure group hygiene)...think about it...you have been in the wilderness for 5 or 6 days (you have developed an aroma that creatures downwind of you can smell for miles). As a (GM), I demand that the group maintain the best hygienic standards possible...This is a scratchbuilt piece out of modeling clay...the photo with the figure is just to show the scale/size of the pond.
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