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77011: Fulumbar, Dwarf Warrior

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You did a FINE job with the Vertically Challenged One...the brushwork, particularly the beard/hair & skin tones, is OUTSTANDING. WELL DONE!

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Thanks guys!


the Vertically Challenged One...

LOL, this sounds so much nicer than "stunty" or "runty", I like it! ::):

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      Another miniature that had been on hold for a bit, I actually started him a few months ago but set him aside for other miniatures and hobby's  but now he is finished

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      The Saga of Frothumbar and his fall can be found in the Coffee Dwarves of Confefe Mountain WIP thread.

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      I painted up Horace Action Jackson (Bones 80023) up really quick (2 hours) as something different from Teronus the dragon. The NMM on the gun is the first time I have succesfully done steel NMM, yay. The white shirt was done to test the recipe for white (Reaper MSP Cloudy Gray, Misty Grey, Pure White) from paintdawg in this thread http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52298-reapers-anima-tactics-and-one-ancient-ral-partha/ . I think it came out very nice, and will definitely use that recipe again. Maybe there are some Unicorns in my future.

      Fulumbar (Bones 77011) was started at the painting faces class at GenCon with Lyn Stahl (Thanks Lyn, I really enjoyed your class!). I finished him a while ago, but I hadn't gotten my photo setup out until now.

      Michelle (Bones 77022) is the one I like the least out of this bunch, the casting was a little flat in places, so I didn't spend a lot of time on her. At least she is fine for table-top, which is where most all my minis will end up. The picture actually looks better than the figure does in real life. That is a first.

      And last I will show off some mini's I painted 20+ years ago using Testors enamel. I am pretty sure all six are from Grenadiers Julie Guthrie lines:

    • By Dibbler
      Washed the mini, didn't notice anything. Started thinking about colors, noticed that the shield would be hard to paint. Meh, it'll do. Looked at the flageon of ale, found the rotation of it weird, "man, those dwarves are silly!"

      Only when I googled pic's for inspiration did I spot it. Someone has rotated his hand! I wonder if I should complain about something that I took that long to notice? Probably not.

      Have I suddenly lost my upload-picture-fu or something? I can't figure out how to attach my pic!

    • By Slashhamster
      Here's my latest paint job; I think he's my best work yet.
      77011 - Dwarf Warrior

      A big thanks to CashWiley's WIP here for the L2PK5 dwarf. I don't have the L2PK's, but I followed along and used that as a guide. I'm a big fan of dwarves in RPGs, so I really tried to take my time on this one. I'm particularly happy with the eyes/face. I struggled a bit trying to do highlights with metallic paints. They just didn't seem to want to play nice with non-metallic colors for me. Maybe on my next armored mini I'll make an attempt at NMM.
      Nothing too exciting base-wise, but cleaner than my prior attempt with the ghost, I think.
      I tried a different camera setup this time, and I think I like these results better as well. Having some texture in the background makes the mini pop more. However, I think I needed to tone down the exposure just a hair, as this looks a little over-exposed (the background is darker than it appears).
      Also, it's humbling looking at these close up images. The mini looks so much more rough around the edges than it does in person.
      C&C welcome!
      Edit: Boy, the mold lines really stand out when zoomed in too. This weekend I'm heading to Hobby Lobby and picking up some of the plastic sanding files mentioned in another thread around here...
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