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RPG Tabletop Game Play (Tavern Board)...

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This is a flat map (art board) of the tavern that my (RPG) adventure group has their meals at, spends the nights drinking, meets & has interaction with (NPC) persona who happen to be in (KRONT). The board is (30" x 18") with (1.5" squares)...created, drawn and inked by me. The board contains as follows:




1. Top left corner (gambling room) 9. Top right corner (kitchen)

2. Private lounge (3 cushion couch) 10. Bar

3. Private room (table & 3 chairs) 11. Main common tavern room

4. Pink circle area (dancer stage)

5. Private room (table & 3 chairs)

6. Private lounge (2 cushion couch)

7. Computer/electronics room (not in play)

8. Stairs going down to inn

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What's up with the purple "ley lines" crossing the board?


I wondered the same thing, but managed to figure it from the full size pic - I think theyre security cameras with field of view markers.

That is correct...they are security cameras with fields of view...this board is also used by another group that plays a modern spy (RPG) game...that is when both the cameras & computer room come into play.

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