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RPG Tabletop Game Play (Inn Board)...

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This is a flat map (art board) of the inn (Inn Of Crossed Lances) that my (RPG) adventure group stays in and plays actual (RPG) tabletop when they are home in the shire of (KRONT). The board playing area is (37 x 19...1.5" squares)...created, drawn and inked by me. The board contains the following major areas:


1. Central master dining room & library area

2. Kitchen & pantry

3. Rooms (1-4-5-12-13-14-15-18-20-21)

4. Luxury rooms (6-10-17)

5. Bunk bed room (2)...for male characters

6. Bunk bed room (11)...for female characters

7. (2) common bath house rooms

8. Hot spa

9. Shrine

10. (2) small tea lounges

11. (1) private show lounge

12. (1) royal suite

13. Small moon garden

14. A massive pool of the void

15. Center board (center bottom)...stairs going up to the tavern (2nd floor)

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