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RPG Tabletop Game Play (Kingdom Map)

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This is the kingdom map of the world area that my (RPG) adventure group lives and adventures in. I have shown you the map above, the inn they live in at (KRONT), the tavern they spend their evenings in. I have shown you the adventure group (The Seekers)...shown you the major (NPC) characters they interact with and even a few of the enemy units that they fight and battle. I hope you have enjoyed this quick view into my (RPG) world.

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Baugi; thank you for your comment in regard to the extensive work. I am not a unique (GM); but on the rarer side. When I create an (RPG) world/game...I try to add as much detail as possible so that my (RPG) group feels that their characters are alive and living a life in my fantasy creation. I have never been the type of (GM) that gathers an interested bunch together...rolls up an assortment of characters...and plays...In my world (the adventurers have a life)...they have to take on jobs from (NPC) characters to earn gold coin...so they can relax at the inn in their off time. Each day they stay at the inn costs them (coin)...lodging for the night...a great meal in the evening...a night of drinking brew...a warm strumpet body in their bed for the night...information that they buy...all this costs (coin)...each and every night.


Life & game play go on even out in the wilderness... Once when they camped for the night...the charlatan in the group decided to play " peeping-tom " with two of the girls who went to take baths in the pond (in game play we use nude female figures for such situations). When the girls noticed him...one of them wanted to kick his behind...but the other just laughed at him and dared him to strip and join them. The charlatan ran back to camp and told the others he was scouting the area and happened to see the two girls by accident and hoped that he did not scare them.


So that is a quick insight into my game world. I am not a "killer" GM...I try to outwit and hurt the group with cunning...not with brute killer force.

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