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What bugs you most in miniatures?

The Basilisk

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While less clothes is going for the, uh, low-hanging fruit... *ahem* If it sells, it sells. It's like with mouslings. Gene sculpts some cheesy babes, like the sci-fi heroine with ray gun, and also mouslings. Mouslings tend to skew along gender lines, from my observation, and are also a bit divisive - not being "pure" fantasy. Some people love 'em, some people don't. Personally, given a choice where my money will go, Betty Blaster and her tee-hee raygun are getting my cash over one of the fuzzy shrimps.




If Cheez the Wiz outsells her by a significant margin, then obviously there should be more mouslings made than space harlots. And there are. The system works.

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Well, to be fair, it does take a couple of rounds to put on your armor without help.




Actually, I would totally spend real money if somebody made a 3-pack of three stage figures in various stages of dress.


You could have Normal, Surprised, and Roused From Tent. Give me a fighter wearing chain with only one arm in the sleeve (or perhaps the head through the armhole) and one boot on their feet, male or female, and I will use it. Because at least 50% of my combats come during naptime.

Add one more to this. The figure mounted. I really want packs of the same figure mounted and on foot. I'd really like Normal, Roused From Tend and Mounted. What are you thinking for surprised?


And yeah, we do seem to have a large number of combats that start with "Who's on second watch?"




More than half of my group are female gamers. They are VERY excited about the Otherworld minis. I am too, I tend towards the more gritty fantasy and those fit it really well.


Also, my wizards make a point of not dressing like wizards. Of course, they also tend to carry a spell component pouch even with Eschew Materials. We've also had one sorcerer who had a "spell book". It's fun when the enemy takes the things you obviously have to have and then finds out they made an incorrect assumption.


My Enchanter went in to have a private late night conversation with a king [the party has a close enough relationship with the king that it makes sense in context.] He also just ascended to the throne after the murder of his grandfather, so the guards are a wee bit jumpy. They made me leave my component pouch [which I was fine with, hell I was in my dressing gown, my chamber was down the hall.] We talked, on the way out I gave them a heads up that not all spells needed materials and not all wizards even needed most components. They turned a very satisfying shade of pale [and immediately checked their king].

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The serious lack of attractive male minis is more than a matter of how much or how little they are wearing.


There are and always have been lots of seminude male minis. One of my earliest minis was a Ral Partha Conan clone in nothing but a fur miniskirt with a sword (he might have had boots).


Mind you, many of those minis look like they have been freebasing steroids and most of them look rather hostile. This is to be expected in a combat based game, I guess.


The thing is, and with all due respect, despite what the Hunter said above, exposed skin is only one dimension of attractiveness, and maybe not the best one to consider.


For example, a lot of the sort of cheesecake female minis whose ubiquitousness has fostered annoyance and resentment in female gamers are posed smiling and showing off their bodies. It's not just the clothes, it's the posture.


In an earlier discussion someone linked to a Reaper figure of a sort of poetically-dressed swashbuckler in an open shirt as an example of a romantic male, but as I pointed out he had his mouth wide open in a grimace of rage and was attacking with his sword.


There are female minis doing this too, wearing little more than chainmail bikinis while charging with bared teeth. Some people like them, and that's okay.


But try to find a male counterpart of the multiple versions of the smiling town trollop with hands caressing her hip and shoulder and you can't. Look for a male incubus figure as inviting as any one of the dozens of female succubi out there and ... nope.


It would be folly to claim that one type of figure is appealing to all women. I would, I think, be embarrassed by a Chippendales-style dancer, or a barechested hunk with a bulge, or a fighter wearing a chainmail Speedo. I would prefer a few more Pre-Raphaelite types, some more romantic heroes maybe. But at any rate, there are darned few minis designed to appeal to any kind of female aesthetics the way there are for males.


I don't begrudge males their cheesecake, but a little more inclusiveness and awareness that there are other tastes out there is not a bad thing.

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Well, that might actually be some of it too, Pingo. As you said, it's not easy to determine what would be attractive to a majority of women. I think I've seen lots of minis that meet your criteria, but I think (in my own primitive way) that what you want is Legolas, Aragorn, Inigo Montoya, and Orlando Bloom from Pirates. Which might be completely wrong.


But for a huge chunk of the dude gaming wallet, tastes are a lot simpler. More primitive, even. So it's an easier niche to accomodate, because what works is easier to figure out.


What you actually need are dudes sculpted by women for women, and see what takes. I'm a man, even if I could sculpt all you'd ever get is the four I listed above. My caveman brain - which is the same mechanism that tells me underwear is optional; this shirt's still clean after X days; go ahead and eat out of the can - can only process your wishes in those archetypes. No matter how openminded I actually am (I do like opera, after all). My ability to see from your perspective is, necessarily, an imprecise thing.


But if the sculpts you actually want came to be, then I might be "Ohhhh, I get it. That's pretty cool."


Whereas pleasing me is clearly a lot less complicated. Boobs, badonkadonk, and a raygun. Here's money. I can be classy, erudite, and cultured all I want but my lizard brain is eternally 15 years old and grotesquely juvenile.


It's a handicap I've learned to live with.

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No, not fewer boobies. BIGGER BOOBIES! 54mm. 72mm. 1/6th scale!


Dude warriors don't care. They just put something on.

Women accessorize. They carefully pick the chainmail bikini that goes with the jewel hilted scimitar they just got polished.


When you have a thong that matches your hoop earrings... you can't just ignore that and go fight goblins in a full length terrycloth robe...

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I'm honestly curious what women consider male cheesecake...or if they'd be even interested in such things.


Maybe some of the male gladiators from Arena Rex?




Or maybe the male KD survivors?



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Dude warriors don't care. They just put something on.

Women accessorize. They carefully pick the chainmail bikini that goes with the jewel hilted scimitar they just got polished


Now I'm aware that your post was intended to be ironic (... right?) but THIS is actually instructive and useful! Look at the parallel here! Not men and women, not male and female warriors, but "dude warriors and women", which implies that men in gaming come in a variety of different types, and women are women, period. Dude warriors just throw something on because they don't care. Dude ninjas tuck away thousands of useful little sharp things in the folds of their clothing before taking to the rooftops. Dude wizards are MASTERS OF TEH ARKAIN and learned and wise and experts in their field... but women are women, and women like shiny things. I'm not suggesting that this is your position, BlueWeasel, because clearly you were kidding, but this is EXACTLY the attitude that drives many women away from our beloved hobby, and the fact that it is often presented unironically is the same sort of problematic that we've been discussing for a couple of pages now. Male characters dress for their chosen role and profession, female characters apparently dress to most effectively present their cleavage.

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I tried to hide sharp things in the folds of my clothing, but my aversion to underpants made it untenable.


Also, I like shiny things. I was once hypnotized for three days by a Sprite can. True story.



It was my spirit guide. It told me to live a refreshing life with many bubbles.

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Some of the top female female painters (I'll wait while that gets parsed) are well known for their masterful techniques of painting sheer, wet, transparent cloth.

hey either HAD to because that's how the cloth was sculpted or it is because it is showcasing their skill with paint, color, glazing and brush control.


Having spent the last 15+ years in the IT Industry I am very familiar with what 95% male industry looks like and I gotta say that at least as far as ReaperCon

is concerned the ratios of typical gamers to painters/attendees aren't consistent. Do the 'chick sculpts' keep some women away from the industry? Probably.

But there are also some dude dads that I know of that are avoiding the same type of models because of their preferences/wife/kids whatever. In other words I think

there's mostly a minority that is complaining about the overall content. Given the (relatively) high percentage of females painting females I think it is hard to justify

sculpting more clothes than less because they clearly sell.


At the end of the day Reaper (and the rest of the industry) is trying to balance 2 things: Line diversity and profits.


Patrick Keith's Bombshell line has both scantily clad and head to toe covered female models (to give a small sampling of figures) but Reaper certainly has the same sort of track record.


Above all, you have to accuse appropriately.

For the most part sculptors work on art given to them from an art director that got a sketch from an artist working on guidelines from someone with a checkbook.

The guy with the checkbook wants a return on the checks he's writing.


Now I'm not super proficient at painting skin tones so if they cover up a bit it won't be the end of the world.

On the other hand, I just took Rhonda's sheer cloth class at RC13 to try and bulk up my skills a bit.

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