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I'd love to work out a way to send out some New Zealand microbrewery beer, but without knowing Bryans tastes (does he like a highly hopped IPA? Maybe a scotch ale? THESE ARE IMPORTANT ISSUES DANG IT!) it's going to be easier to work out some way to pay a small army of trained beer ninjas to descend on Denton one night and leave beer and I believe you call them 'hot wings' outside the Reaper Factory. Purely as an offering to the Gods of 'We're not all completely entitled twits, please, have some beer and relax in the knowledge that someone appreciates your hard work on our behalf'

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About the only thing I agree with in all of that is I typically find that the sale of kickstarter goods, 'marketing' or not, before the backers have recieved them, is extremely poor form. The argument of 'it's standard practice' does not mitigate that. If, as the impression had been given, the goods were ALL on hand, and shipping was beginning, it would have salved that a bit. Oddly enough, the raffle prizes seem a lot more acceptable to me.



This is something I'm in partial agreement with, and when the topic of bringing samples to shows was broached I expressed my concerns to Bryan about that.



Basically, for me personally I don't care so long as I get my stuff when my stuff is available to get. I'd like it sooner, but production, shipping, and especially customs are all horrible things I'm familiar with. So I hoped there would not be a delay, but expected probably there would. And, as I'd bought everything, I'd be back end of the pack. So I don't actually mind that they did this.


But I knew, and expressed, my concern that this could, particularly if customs or shipping time became an issue, cause a whole lot of people to become upset that Bones were out in-stream, to non-backers, before backers got them.


So I do consider that a legitimate gripe.


However, I also accept Bryan's reasoning for doing it. To wit, our support backing this (for which Reaper is profoundly grateful) is, in the end, only a stage in the process. The objective here was, and always was, to bring more Bones SKUs to market as retail prodcuts. For our assistance in this task, we get sweet rewards. But for these Bones SKUs to be successful at retail then they have to make the rounds at the shows. And the best way to get support for the line, as I well know from personal experience going from disliking them to loving them, is to get them into the hands of people who will then go and spread the word.


So, personal misgivings aside, Reaper had to bring them to Pax, etc. Now I don't know if it was always the plan, or if my raising of the issues influenced it, but in the end Reaper decided only to offer a small partial sample to people who attended Pax. So they couldn't buy from the whole line. I consider this an acceptable compromise to our concerns about early Bones before we have ours, while still allowing Reaper to do what needs to be done to foster support for the line at retail.


Now that doesn't mean anybody has to like it, but I do think it was the only sensible plan on the table in any case. In fact, as a backer, I feel that the success of these at retail is something I'm invested in. I want the project I backed to do very well, and all my little Bones to go live long, fruitful lives slaying player characters on map boards.

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I own my own business.


ive had an internet based business in the past, and worked for a very large one once upon a time.


in as much as I want my "rewards" from the backing, I sure feel sorry for you guys having to put up with the idiots who have no idea the way the world really works.


China is oft-times maddening to work with. Shipping and customs are a huge pain.


Time lines never work out.


All the best to you people at Reaper. As much as I want the hordes of plastic, I can wait as I understand that "crap happens" and you are actually doing your best and are not trying to make me wait.

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No more name calling!

We are fine with detractors, dissenters and critics, but to see our supporters breaking the rules is unacceptable!

I will fully accept the slings and arrows of this tread, as many of you have seen, I am more than willing to admit that we have made mistakes, and, being humans, are likely to make more. But DO NOT make me ban the very people that were defending us while I was unavailable! The next D*bag, A** or other clever name call I see gets a 24 hour ban.

There's a lot that has been said, Kit has replied to some of it, but I want to address a few things, and will do so across several posts, and then I am locking this thread. After reading my answers, if the very many topics going on in here warrant further discussion, please open new threads, and remember forum rules within them.




So yes convenient. It boils down to you are worried about all of the headaches it might cause, got it. I mean thus far everything has gone flawless and you don’t want to add any thing that might make problems to the flawless system you have, the ire of backers not withstanding.<snip>

Yes - You agree! Granted, you used irony (or is it sarcasm? I'm sorry, I wasn't an English major and can never keep those straight.), but there it is.

See, we both agree that we have had our share of failures and setbacks. We both agree that not everything has gone smoothly. And THAT is precisely why we do not want to hastily assemble a system for tracking who paid what to ship how many things where in the middle of everything. There's not much time left to ship before everything gets here and we'd be shipping everything anyway, so why risk the monkey wrench that our recent past shows us is likely? The best plan at this point, to ensure smooth delivery in as little time as possible, is what we have in place.


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Posted Today, 05:17 PM

It's interesting....most of the projects I've seen when called on it pretty much always agree with 'backers first'. But they also seem to always find some way to weasel out of it. I would not be shocked if...once all the containers have arrived...product was in the wild before all of the backers receive theirs. It remains to be seen if that will occur with Reaper (cue We would never do that! post) but it's certainly become an acceptable white lie for a lot of other projects.

We have posted many times that our fulfillment plan at this time is to conclude consumer shipments, then Undertaker level (retailers) shipments, and then to wait at least one week before shipping to distribution. After Distribution ships, it will be 10 days before we put the items up for general sale.


This timeline does mean it is theoretically possible for international consumers (whose ship-to-reception- times can take sometimes over 4 weeks) to still be waiting for their parcel when the product goes into "the wild" as it were. Heck it's happening now - I have heard reports of at least two retailers that pledged at Vampire level, and have begun selling their product. It is not packaged for resale, but I cannot stop them from doing so.

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And HMDrake? I agree but it was probably more traumatizing for Bryan when that guy put a gun to his head and forced him to become involved in a miniature company. Or the guy who at gunpoint threw 3.4 million at them...THAT would have messed me up for life!

I chose to work for Reaper Miniatures, correct. I happily agreed to become a face (I don't care for the term mouthpiece, but if you prefer that, sure) for the company. I also pushed on the side of FOR when the discussion of whether to do a Kickstarter was happening. You are correct, I chose this. I did not receive any $3.4 million, however. Reaper Miniatures, which is NOT me (nor is it Ed, Dave, Kit, Ron, Matt or anybody else) did. I got my normal salary, and owed taxes like many others. I did receive a small bonus, but certainly not enough for a new car or anything. People sometimes make the mistake of assuming that I'm a millionaire now (Anecdote: I was asked once if the money had changed me in any way, and I was stunned - I didn't see how an extra week's wages would change me, but there ya go*), but I'm still driving my paid off 11 year old minivan that needs 3 months salary in repairs.


I did not choose for shipments to be returned back in November by Canadian customs. I did not choose for shipments from China to split, reparceled, and delayed. I did not choose to ship fulfillment rewards late - this was a fate that has happened beyond my control.


And I do not regret what I have chosen, nor what has transpired as a result of my choices. Some for Weal, Some for Woe, but all have been an adventure.


*Oops, there I go being unprofessional again. Dangit, I gotta stop doing that.

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Posted Today, 04:18 PM

You couldn't pay me enough to be in Bryan's shoes. He's been a saint through some nightmarish months. Just the announcement about the last cargo boat expected being split and sent weeks apart would have taken years off my life.



Every single one of us here is as upset or more at the delays. It wreaks all kinds of havoc on the back end, and in the public eye. I doubt very much if anybody wants fulfillment to be complete more than I. As you imply, the project has been hard, and As a face, I get a lot of it. Complaints (as discussed previously in thread) about the precise items being offered. Complaints about sexism. About shipping costs overseas. About customs delays. About China delays. About the minis being made of plastic. About timing. About cost. About just about everything you can think of, and probably a few things you can't.


But it comes with the territory. And at the end of the day, I love my job.


And now, I think this thread is well and truly done.


Please open a thousand new ones to discuss things, instead of one long gargantuan one, ok?


Oh - and BEHAVE.

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