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Dibblers workbench.

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Pictures are up!






How do use text as a link? Imbed HTML code?


Heres my workbench at the moment


Beast handler and nihilator




Bare metal to-do:




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That is one crazy chain whip! I always thought it'd be neat to learn how to use one, but the closest wushu school is about 2 hours away. Lol! That's a lot of metal to move! Looking forward to it!

And it is, ahem, mostly used on my own beasts  :devil:

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Finished up and varnished a Beast Handler.


Today's facepalm:


*Apply matte varnish* - finish still gloss.


*Apply another coat* - still gloss. If anything, the gloss finish got a bit better coverage.


*Get mad and slash it onto the rim of the base, to see if it can do anything at all* - Rim of base suddenly shiny.


*Examine palette closely.* My matte varnish looks more like gloss varnish. Actually it doesn't have that milky clear look of the matt one at all.


Then I proceeded to apply actual matte varnish. Which worked! Weird how these things work..




His buddies. Any ideas for things I could do better/differently on these guys?




And a test piece for a flexible desert gaming mat



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Purple, Red and Gold, now that is an interesting and well done color combo.

Figure looks fantastic !

Really like how you tied it all together, and highlights are really Good !

Nice job !

Thanks! :D The purple was my idea, the rest is the studio colors :)


Nice job on those whip gems.



Thanks! Fairly straight forward work, too. Dark blue + light blue + white, not gradiants or anything :)

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Hey Dibbler, those Whip Gems are really really well done !

Glad you got the right matte varnish on there..LOL.

Oh, don't know if you can answer this question.

Are there any miniature stores in Oslo (don't remember seeing any around karl Johan's Gate,

or U of Oslo) ?  I'm there on Monday....figured I might get some miniatures while there.

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I have no idea about anything besides Outlands as I'm seldom in Oslo myself, but their store in Oslo is pretty decent.

I gave you a link to the map over in Willens thread :P


Also Dibbler, I love the purple robe, well done on the highlighting and stuff!

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I'm in Trondheim right now (had a trip to Oslo a couple weeks ago! ) Outland is the only miniature shop I believe (Might be others, or specialty shops that may carry some GW stuff or something). Note that the one in the train station is closed for renovation. That one don't carry minis anyway. I guess you americans might not be impressed by our prices or selection, tho..


Thanks for the kind words!


I'm pretty hard on myself on that purple. Part of me thinks it looks better before highlighting! Perhaps I should dial down the contrast? It might be that I just really like that deep purple  :upside:




State of the workbench. I should finish these before saturday. Game-day with the gaming club on saturday, they are running a 35pt steamroller :D




State of the army, and carrying solution. All assembled. So..much..unpainted.

Edited by Dibbler
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Love what you are doing on the Miniatures !

Soooooo Kewl !

Thanks for your input, and I'll just wander around and see if there is anything I like at Outland.

Your Mini's are looking really wonderful.

Like the contrasting colors you are doing.

Purple and Red bouncing off each other are really dynamic !

Great Painting !

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