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Dibblers workbench.

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As discussed in the show off thread. Lining the Skorne armor. It turned out way better than I thouht it would! I started out messing around with GW washes, before trying brown liner.. Brown Liner worked brilliantly, with a little water. Not sure if I should try to line the smallest armor-bits. Now its time to clean it up and layer the cloaks and skin :)






Had a friend over for paint night, and a demo of WarmaHordes. Picked up this mantic guy for something different to paint.




So now I have another guy I need to finish ;)

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Dibbler I would write in Norwegian, however, you would have to deal with my terrible spelling.

I spell better in English (most of the time).

You are asking for help, and we would love to do that for you.

You are also just piling up one thing after another.

I don't know what figure to respond to !


Stop what you are doing, and look at ONE miniature, and decide that you will complete JUST THAT ONE.

Then tell us what you want to do with that one, and we will knock ourselves out helping you.

Hope that helps, cause I really like what you do.

Jasonator :rock:

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Progress on the Dibbler diorama! :D


The rats are from a bones rat swarm, cut up, then fixed with some GS :)


Now I only need some more objects on the cobbles. Not sure what it should be, a couple of discarded sausages? xD


You could always sprinkle some tea leaves on a trail of glue to the guy with the food tray !

and paint the leaves to look like bread crumbs, or nuts.

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Hmm, breadcrumps (or other random litter) is a pretty good idea :)



How'd you do the cobble stones?


I pressed it with a Happy Seppuku stamp, the fishscale brick one. (And fixed the detail up wiht a sculpting tool here and there :))

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