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Dibblers workbench.

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I got into the KS, so I got a few of them quite cheap. They are pretty handy, but you'll probably need to sculpt a bit yourself, too :)


Thanks! Perhaps I might finish Dibbler this year! That diorama has been staring at me fr a long time..

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The humble beginnings of a warma-hordes desert table! Got some help from a fellow warma-hords'er to build it, and I'm flocking it with acrylic paste and sand. Also instant molded GS bits, actual bits, hirst arts bits and sheets of HS stamped in FIMO :)




(Sorry about the picture size)


Also, my crappy Goblins!




I keep a pair of these buggers on my painting desk. When I have leftovers on my pallet, or just feel like trying out a color combo on to them it goes! After a while they get some painting time, a bath of quickshade and get in line for geocaching-swag-duty.



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Most of my recent paint time has been spent on these tree ladies. Finished them!




I have painted so much Skorne now, that I really need to paint something completely different. Which means this little guy. I really like the figure, so cute! Got some base coats and metallics done.


IMGP6300_zps80a78e77.jpg?t=1411738715 IMGP6301_zpsd742009b.jpg?t=1411824919


And I kinda-sorta paint yet another incin as well. And sculpted a base for Molik Karn:




So that's what I've been up to :-). Perhaps I'll get my Skorne done before Bones2 comes in..

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I got a lot done on the little guy yesterday:


IMGP6307_zpsa51e0c0b.jpg?t=1411807004 IMGP6308_zpsb366eab6.jpg?t=1411893240


Any advice on painting stone? I have always gone gray-black wash-drybrush. I want to experiment a bit, and perhaps get a little more control.


Was there something about having more specific threads on this forum? Should I start separate threads instead of using this one? :)

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