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Google red hair, you'll get a lot of pictures of women but that's fine because you want to look at long hair anyway. Look at where the highlights are the and use that when taking your highlights up brighter.


Do the same with long beards and notice the colours that turn up in them, few beards have a uniform colour so when painting them getting browns into the shadows and highlights will create a better look usually, even if the main colour remains red. Note also that beards reflect light differently to the hair on the top of your head.


Otherwise what the others said about highlights and shadows.

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Also remember the finnicky nature of red paint. It doesn't "cover" well. It's transparent in a way. Also, you can't add white to it to brighten it (you'll make pink everytime). Depending on your color composition, you might be able to add orange to it or a little yellow. Much like blending blues, sometimes it's better to start with your highest and paint down with reds.


With that said, you may need to highlight an area first with white, let dry, then go back over with the red shade you want to apply.


Thanks to Anne for teaching me this when I was so frustrated with reds I was ready to remove them from my paint set.

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