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Got this idea for a game based upon building monsters. Now, there is not enough of it yet to even try out a game, but there are a few things I would like some help with. One is a company to make the miniatures. Now, Reaper is a great company for miniatures, I think we can all agree, but I was looking to do more interchangeable parts for the monsters that get built instead of having the monsters be built once and that is it. Sorta like those toys that come with multiple hands so you can switch out whether their hand is holding something or is open.


I was planning on the monster building being done in multiple stages. First is the torso selection since that would be the heart of the monster, so to speak. Then heads, arms, legs, special.


Torso: Provides the number of slots available for the other parts, health, and base stats. Example: Dragon Torso provides one left arm, one right arm, one leg set, one head, one special.


Another example would be a centaur torso, which provides two leg sets, one right arm, one left arm, and one head.


Leg set: Provides speed and dodge modifiers.


Arms: Provide attack modifier


Head: Provides intelligence modifier and senses. Intelligence is how many actions the monster can take and senses are something I may not implement because it may make the game too complex.


Specials: Would provide something extra. Like wings, a shell, tentacles, invisibility, etc.


I was planning on the stats being on cards that could be used to randomize the monster creation process with the cards.


For combat, I was thinking a d10 based system where success is determined by seeing if you are within some sort of threshold. So, for most actions that require a die check, you would be trying to roll either above or below a certain number (not sure which way to go at moment). For some, the d10 might activate different side effects. Like if an attack was similar to the prismatic spray from D&D.


I was also thinking of including an elemental system:

Yellow: Electric/Fungal

Green: Plant/Mammal

Blue: Water/Fish

White: Air/Bird

Black/Brown: Earth/Insect

Red: Fire/Reptile


I think that is most of the stuff I have written down at the moment. Other than some of the "base" monsters. Base monsters being what I base certain parts off of.

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