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A few years ago...someone gave me a plastic bag that contained (32) odd/varied shaped terrain pieces that were made out of a foam type of material with the brown sides & green turf tops...made in varied sizes that average about (3"x3" to 4"x4")...(do not know who made them)...I finally came up with the idea of using them for basic simple terrain of the kind that I wanted. This is how I used these pieces:


1. These are the (4) main components that will be mounted on a ceiling tile master base and built up into a piece that will be called the (mushroom dale)...it will be a piece of about (24"x14"). All the mushrooms are hand made out of green stuff putty...the tree trunks are all metal cast (don't know the company who made them).


2. These are (4) of (12) flower & plant terrain pieces that are used at random on my tabletop game board (8'x4')...with a dark green felt covering. I use a lot of the concept in my fantasy world of (giant flowers & plants)...like the movies (HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS & MYSTERY ISLAND)...Now I can have giant bees, ants, wasps, butterflys and praying mantis insects.


3. This is a " phase gate "...it is a simple arch that has a blueish grey mist...you can't see through or into it...it can lead anywhere...once you step into the mist and go through...you can not return because after you step through it (on your side...it vanishes)...you have to find a (2nd such gate) to return through.

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Ah! I recognize that gate as being from Heartbreaker Hobbies in cooperation with Grendel for Warzone, once upon a time (from some resin sets they had of doorways and pillars for a Dark Legion "Citadel" at one point).

I love the giant mushroom base pieces. That looks very much like a "fantasy forest" -- or maybe something that would work in Wonderland. ;)

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