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BONES Swap meet- May 11th Mansfield, OH


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Come one come all to the First Bones swap meet!


Have you received your Vampire package but wish you had a few less elves and a few more Dwarves? (and really who hasn't) Why not come down to Heroes Haven on May 11th?


We'll be starting at 2pm and keep going until they kick us out.


Besides the Bones trading there will be a paint area and a game of Warlord "King of the Hill"


address and link to the stores Face book page


Heroes Haven Games & collectibles

1277 Lexington Ave.,

Mansfield, Ohio 44907




We hope to see you there

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I saw all the piles of bones add-ons and Vampire boxes while I was down for ReaperCon. I was told that the last of the hold outs are on the water. With hope they will breeze through customs (yeah, right!) and Bryan can get our pledges filled before Origins. Everyone I talked to down at Reaper talked about everything being shipped by the end of May. Getting to talk to the Reaper peeps really made me appreciate how much work they have put into the Kickstarter.


But yeah, I like the idea of an Origins Bones Swap meet. I will be at the one in Mansfield, but I'm sure I will have some bits left to trade. Me and my crew will be running games most of Friday and Saturday. Thursday evening or Sunday morning works best for me.

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