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I really wish I'd taken those classes...


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So here I am scouring the internet like those dudes from space balls combing the desert.


I need a female samurai on a chocobo mount.


Turns out the only way I'm going to get one is to sculpt it myself and here I am kicking myself for not making a better effort to take sculpting classes. I could have gotten away with resculpting the lower half of the Bombshell samurai girl into a saddle but the bird mount I'd have to do from scratch. I might still try it though but I'm really kicking myself.


This and mouselings. THOSE I may still take a crack at though.

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you mean you can not find a suitable chocobo, or chocobo analogue? With Final Fantasy as popular as it is, i would have thought the bird would be the easy part.

Sized for a 28mm mini?


Anyway, Girot, this may be relevant to your interests.

considering the ammount of small figurines that come out of Japan, yeah

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Aw, and now I'd like Nausicäa on one of those riding birds from the Miyazaki film.

What scale? There is a plastic kit in 1/20th "Nausicaä riding on 'KAI'"

Well, closer to 1/64, or whatever tabletop minis are at these days. Space considerations.

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After you sculpt it contact a casting company. I need a female samurai riding a chocobo mount now too, and I didn't know I wanted one five minutes ago. ::):

And then get a lawyer so you'll be prepared when SquareEnix comes to squash you like a bug.

Square does not have a lock on "giant flightless bird used as a cavalry mount." Don't call it a chocobo - which they do have a license on - and you'll be fine.
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