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Smarter than We Thought...Or Maybe Just Smarter Than The Wizard Thought

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Otherwise titled by my daughter as: Zombie Friends Are Bowling Together

Dedicated to my awesome little girl. She loves Scooby Doo and is fascinated with all of my plastic D&D junk. Funny seeing things from a much younger point of view.


4 Reaper minis were painted for this. The 2 ghasts, the archway/crypt gate and the Hero ranger.


A bit R rated...Hope you enjoy :)








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Excellent work.



Mason Thornwarden, fighter-with-bow, is hands down one of my favorites. Can't wait to get him in Bones... and you've made him, And his adversaries, look awesome.

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WOW lips. That is pretty cool. I like the river of blood. I think the scene is a nifty idea as well.


I got to ask though, what kind of bowling alleys have you been taking your little girl to?



Now everytime I see that Ghast lord, I see him bowling those skulls.

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That's a great scene! Wonderfully painted figures and I love the blood trail.


As I'm still quite new to this hobby, I gotta ask you lips, what did you do to keep that blood....especially the pool...stay shiny/fresh looking?

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Woodland scenics water effects. I picked it up in Michaels, a local craft store. I scraped some of the wood from the base to make a crevasse and poured it in. Then I mixed the pool with Reapers red blood plaint using a toothpick.

Then I pulled some of the liquid out with the toothpick and splattered it around. Glad you like it :) I've only been doing this for a few months myself, so it was a experiment that actually worked out nicely.

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