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Sam Ayers walked down the cobblestone path carefully. He'd heard that old Butcher Jim had it in for him. There was no telling what sort of dirty, underhanded trick the lowlife was planning. He'd just have to hope that his revolver could handle anything his magic couldn't.


There was a long, slow hissing from the alley up ahead. Well, he thought, night's not getting any younger. He walked forward to meet the night.

Painted this up for a co-worker. This one he bought himself. I actually got him started painting an RAFM Friar Tuck today, so it won't be too long before he's painting his own, I hope.




I actually thought about doing some glowing runes on the staff, but I think that's a bit beyond me at this point. At least, at this scale.




I didn't even cheat on the eyes this time. 100% brushwork, no pens used.




The blending on the coat looks a little better in person. The transition actually was even worse at one point, but I used a glaze of the original coat color (ruddy leather) to make it less stark.




I'm trying to remember where I got the cobblestone base. Made basing a lot easier, though.

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