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Paint Area - Adventures in Organizing

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Ol' Stern's getttin' ready to start his 2012-2013 paint season. So, I spent Saturday dusting off (literally) my paint area, getting things re-arranged and ready. Also, sat down and put together my paint schedule and took an inventory of my paints...


Snapped a quick pic before my camera's battery died.


Anyone else wanna post their paint areas? Yes, yes. I know we've done this before...


SK, almost re-ta go!


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OH UH, I sense great things will come about due to this!!!


Glad to have yah back.


btw how are those new GW paints?? I seen some colors that I thought might be nice to add but about the only color of GWs I use is some mud wash color.


Might paint area is kind of in a makeshift area right now. I've set up on my windowsill. Sounds odd but with it being summer or most of the time. I get better light up there + I get the add benefit when a breeze blows through. Eventually gonna make my way back to the hobby desk (old do it yourself computer desk) when I feel like cleanin the damn thing. I think the last time it saw the light of day was a week before ReaperCon this year, ha ha.


Paint on!!



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Aw man I can't resist these threads...I'll be back later with some photos of my new studio, haven't posted any yet of the new place. It's gonna be a good season for ya SK, I can feel it in my bonezzzz


Alright, it's later, and I'm back with some photos:


View from my window, lots of natural light



Wider View of my painting area, airbrush and mini compressor on the rack on the lower left. Big compressors in the garage.



My basing base of operations



Wider shot of that area along with my traditional art supplies



My photo "studio" and dremel/hacksaw area



Lastly I tried to get most of my paints here for a family shot, even though they're from different families, my main MSP, VMC, Citadel and VGC range that I use, along with my metallics which I never use but want to get back in to using one day.




I used to paint out of my bedroom but now with the new house I've got me own studio, so it's definitely a level up. I smile every time I walk in here no joke.

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Ahh I like that combo of display case and fold out painting area Adrift

It's one of those writing desks with a display case attached. With all of the various nooks and storage spaces, I can keep all my painting stuff stored away if we're having 'non-gaming' company over to the house. Everything just folds up and stores away nice. Personally, I'd rather have a painting studio with more natural light (clears cough), but that would require me to have a wife that doesn't find a way to junk up every non-occupied room in the house. :wacko:


The good of it is that my set up is in the family room, such that I can spend time with my wife and son even if I'm engrossed in a painting project. At least, that's how my wife put it to me. I are a humble minion.

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Darkstar: What is that tray to the right of the ceramic palette please? The one with many indentations.


That's also a ceramic palette. I got it for my Birthday a couple of years back. I'll dig up the site where you can buy them direct pretty cheap. Save some for me, I need to order a couple more, they're perfect and I can't have enough of them.



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Ah yes, neat and tidy. More meaningless man-word gibberish.


This is how a goblin does it!


ETA: If you look at the larger image, to the right between the popcorn tub and the villains boxe set . . . you can see Takhisis chilling out waiting for more work.

Holy crap... it turns out I'm a goblin. That would be as closed to organized as I ever get.


Also, I used to have the Takhisis model! And the Red Dragon and Krynn, and the Dracoliche from the same line. I'm not sure what happened to them?

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