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Paint Area - Adventures in Organizing

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Baby wipes? I may have to steal that idea. I have been using the good Tupperware from the kitchen...

Yes! It's a travel case that I made into a wet pallet. It set me back a whole Washington.


With a toddler around I don't even have to buy it. I already have some. My wife will like the idea of me giving back the Tupperware for kitchen use.

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I happen to have a quick picture available. It doesn't show everything, but it gives an idea of how I work.




In the box on the left: All manner of odds and ends, palettes, knifes, etc.

On the right out of view: Computer + cuttingmat/paint place.

Paint stored on my DIY paintrack, I plan to make a second one.

I keep all my bases in a big bucket out of view.

I also have a cupboard full of basing materials to go with those bases.

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Alrighty, after several posts in the My Paint Area, Prepping for the 2012-2013 season and considering the ongoing process of building my space and organizing my materials, paints, figures, etc. I have decided to put up my Work Space / Paint Area WIP. Also know as, "Thrym's Tinkering in His Basement Again."


Some recapping from the previous thread:


I bought a house in July, 2012. It's a nice house and the basement is under the WHOLE house.


Layout of the house: First Floor | Second Floor | Basement


I posted a few pictures of the pieces I am using for the Miniature Hobby & Crafting Station:


Black & Decker Store Display turned in to two wall racks:




The bench that came with the house with my stuff dumped on it:




Next to that is a second table that I will eventually be using for working on computers and providing entertainment whilst working at my hobby:




I plowed through all of the randomly stuffed boxes from the move and sorted them on a second work table:




I received some cool pegboard stuff for Christmas and added it to my workbench:




And just recently, I posted that I removed my clunky, oddly built workbench and replaced it with a nice new workbench:




We resume this story after I get the latest changes off my phone, annotate them and post them.

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Okay, while I like Posters, etc. I like organization more so I bought some new pegboard to mount to the wall over the workbench:


I bought two sets of Triton's DuraBoard kits from Amazon:




And installed them over the bench yesterday. The tops of the pegboards were placed one foot below the top of the wall which just so happens to be the most I can reach while sitting. The sets come with wall spacers but they only give you a little over a quarter inch from the wall. So I used some #16 nuts to push the boards out another quarter inch or so. This allows me to use the wire baskets that I previously had got without bending the wires on the baskets and still maintains a sturdy connection to the wall.


I decided to use some dark cork panels I've had since I was in HIGH SCHOOL to surround the pegboards and give me other methods of hanging stuff around the pegboard.




I bought some Loctite Spray Adhesive at Walmart last night:




You spray the wall and then the cork to create a lasting seal between the two. The cork panels are somewhat porous but a second coat ensures all the little pieces stay together. You also allow the adhesive to set a minute or three and then apply the cork panel to the section of the wall that has adhesive. I only sprayed adhesive on the wall where I was working that moment as the adhesive can set up too much if you put it on early. I used masking tape to keep the spray off the pegboard, already attached cork panels and the sections of the wall I didn't want it on.


I have to recommend this spray to anyone interested in putting up similar applications. The spray comes out in a tight vertical stream and at the recommended distance I had fairly good control of where I was applying the adhesive. There's not a lot of repositioning you can do when you have full contact with whatever you are adhering but the edges come back up easily enough until you get it in position. Like spraying any liquid, ensure you maintain movement and don't over saturate a section or it will run or sag.


I ran out of spray last night and wasn't cutting straight edges for the smaller pieces of cork so I stopped.


Here's the work so far:




I'm at work at the moment keeping pace so I can take vacation in June. The life of a manager. *sigh* But I will be stopping at Walmart for my second can of spray adhesive and finishing the work later today.

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Yeah, this is the first time I've had a large space to play with that I can do whatever I want. Been renting for the last 10 years since the divorce and the financials the ex left me with. So I either didn't have the space OR I couldn't hang, modify or fit more into the space to make it worth setting one up. I did for the longest time use TV tables and a Black & Decker rolling cart to store my stuff and work.


It looks like you have a fairly efficient space. Everything you need to paint is at hand. However, I do spend an inordinate amount of time looking at storage and such so if you need ideas for your small space, go ahead and let me know what you want to accomplish. I've prolly looked at something I can point you to.

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Looks great! Organizing is a passion of mine and I about have the time in my schedule to redo my own work area. My problem is that my craft area (for ALL the crafts I do- not just mini painting) is where my office area is (which is for ALL the household, <family of 5 + pets> and business needs) which is in my bedroom. It's slightly larger than a typical bedroom, but not anywhere near big enough to hold all 3 of these separate areas. At the moment I can't get to my dresser which is causing lots of problems to happen with the "flow" and use of the room in general. This. Must. Change. I can hardly get into the area to start to clean it so I have room to move to clean it.... know what I mean??


Looking forward to watching your progress.

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With a new bottle of Spray Adhesive I managed to put the rest of the cork up.




The pegboard and the cork panels provide a nice contrast to each other. I also fixed the level on the racks at left.


Now that I have some place to put pins, I needed something to pin, so I used my blister pack collection. ::D:


I put all the hardware that came with the DuraBoards up so I could visualize what I might need. First order of business was to get the big basket in there. I think the medium basket will go on the opposite panel. I decided to move the long tool holder to the panels that will go over the computer repair desk. Especially since it requires that the two pieces fo DuraBoard be side-by-side instead of spaced like I did the space over the workbench.


So here's the pegboards with some stuff on them:




I'll keep playing with the spacing and such. And what to put in the file cabinets.

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