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Paint Area - Adventures in Organizing

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Was searching for some posts and found this old topic and dusted it off.  Heh.




Now that Winter is over ... time to get back down there and continue the Adventure.


The big melt added more water through the basement that prompted a new Shop Vac and also added more clutter to the existing clutter in an effort to clear stuff from the floor.


So I will have to allot some time to resuming sorting through all of our stuff as well as to returning the work space to order before I can resume work down there.


Kind of bummed about the trashing of the space, but better than losing a lot of materials for miniature fun as well as for gaming.


I'll snap some pics when I get back into it.



But first, I'll be sealing the northwest wall against future water damage.  Ugh.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Seems that your travesty has worked into an accomplishment Thrym !

Look at how organized you have become !

I must admit I was fascinated by the eclectic nature of your collection.

Your slate collecting comment made me smile.

If the people at the house I grew up in ever pull up the slate tile walkway that goes alongside their

house they are in for a treat.  The undersides have been carved in relief by a kid

that was obsessed with figure studies, and carving.

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Speaking of made them I will have to post what my wife finished while I was gone at ReaperCon.

Hopefully not 'throwing your stuff out on the lawn'. ;)


Nice necro topic! I'm moving back to my summer paint desk (that I didn't use last summer) tonight for some zombie fun...

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Where'd you get those paint racks?

Those where made by hand. Each "Step/Level" contains 3 rows (Triad) of 18 (3 * 18 = 54) with four steps making the single rack (4*54= 216) . Coincidentally, there are 216 paints in the Master Series Line :wow:  

The left side is all the HD and Vampire and Kickstarter sets with some Vallejo Model game Air Paints and inks.

I found the pattern at http://www.dndlead.com/Painting/Paints.htm




Ohh and to add if you have a Drill press it only cost me at most $20 to make. I added the shelving to make space between the levels so I can put the labels of the paint on the front as a quick reference

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