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Paint Area - Adventures in Organizing

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I think I may have to update my work area photos in the next week or two. Last week I bought

4 of these: http://back2base-ix.com/images/uploads/therack/Acry_Straight%20Large.jpg

and 2 of these: http://back2base-ix....ternal%2090.jpg

and a full set of Reaper MSP's. I'm just waiting for them all, but should get the racks Monday.


I also ordered a huge piece of clear acrylic to make a custom display case (or to be completely honest, for my dad to make a custom display case to my specifications... Its really not within my abilities but totally within his.) but don't expect that to be finished for a while.

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I swear I'm on the verge of renting my own office space somewhere in town to set up a hobby center for myself. my tiny little corner of the den pales in comparison to what I've seen.


You know what would be awesome? A mini painter hackerspace. Rent a loft with good natural light, plenty of workspace, racks for paints... go in with other local painters to make the whole thing affordable...

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I will be changing all my paints soon to either Reaper or Valejo.


I just boxed up my old Citadel paints... don't see myself using them again, between my P3s and my Reaper MSPs. I believe I shall gift them to a friend who kicked in on the Bones KS, but hasn't the spare cash for paints... and is talking about painting his Bones with craft paints...

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A little update. The paint racks and small tool drawers arrived yesterday so I assembled those and put them in their respective places on my workbench. For all intents and purposes the area is done, although a stray thought went through my head yesterday about a possible extension of the desk along the back wall. I'll mull it over a bit though as it involves cutting some stuff I don't really want to cut but the potential additional area is making me rethink that. Anyway here is an overall picture (also note that there is now and additional shelf from the last time) and then more pictures of the individual components on my blog:




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Here's mine and MRyka's painting space. We have an unused room upstairs that we are repurposing into our craft room. Next on the list is an overhead light fixture and some more desk lamps. The furniture unit in the background is where we hide all the supplies from the cats when we are done painting, and we have repurposed an old CD shelf on the wall you can't see for display purposes.



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