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Paint Area - Adventures in Organizing

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That is an awesome amount of rack space for no paints yet. :) I want some! :D Why did you choose the plastic instead of the mdf? The being able to see through it?


Yeah, I do like the see through aspect, plus I figured the acrylic will be a little more resistant to wear and tear as the years go by and it certainly looks better. I know I could have painted the mdf but by then the saving really wasn't worth it for me. I was very grateful that they were acrylic when I spilt my water on the weekend, which I rarely ever do, surprisingly.


They are apparently planning some more rack packs for you international guys eventually, as I have read on their comments to this video:


If you do wanna see a video of a selection of (some of their) stuff rather than pictures, check out this video



They also have some interesting upcoming stuff on their facebook page that isn't available yet.


Funny thing is, I saw these two videos after I ordered the racks (subscribed to them on Youtube). Best of all for me, they are a local company. So even if I don't have any FLGS's to support (aside from train/rc hobby stores), I feel good buying *something* locally.


I'll be getting those paints any day now. International shipping times make me anxious and the bare racks keep reminding me!


Edit: Oh, didn't know that would actually insert the videos. Haha!

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Here's mine and MRyka's painting space. We have an unused room upstairs that we are repurposing into our craft room. Next on the list is an overhead light fixture and some more desk lamps. The furniture unit in the background is where we hide all the supplies from the cats when we are done painting, and we have repurposed an old CD shelf on the wall you can't see for display purposes.




Yes . Do hide stuff from the cats... I find brushes all over the house sometimes or, god help her, an in progress mini. It hasnt happened in a while thank god but i was really worried she'd get ahold of my series 7 brushes. Lucky for me she doesn't have any taste and was partial to the michael's brushes i use for dirty work.


Great looking space. I would put up a shelf or two for all your works, after i set up my space i shortly realized i wanted one.

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Still awaiting my paint, but I got my racks last week. I still want a couple more but this should do me for a while.


Can you let me know what your using as a temp base? I've been trying to re-think my strategy for when i work and this is almost exactly what I was thinking of. the slightly longer mount might help me keep still when doing those little tiny bits.


and I hate you for your set up... I just want to come visit so i can paint there... dont mind me... I'm quiet

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Man, I really have to get my stuff set back up. I've got a 6ft x 3ft oak dining room table I liberated from my parent attic (the same one I started painting on 25 years ago) and abunch of adjsutable shelving to hold all of my stuff. Since I deployed last year, it has filled up with a computer, two printers, unopened junk mail, kids projects and misc. junk. Thanks for starting this thread Stern. It and everyones posts have got me off my but and working on reclaiming my area. Pictures soon.

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