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VanHammer and Engineer Jeff's Adepticon road trip

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This year was the first time in a loonnnnng time that I was able to book a trip to a convention. My buddy Van and I decided upon Adepticon this year and we ran into a bunch of our online friends from YouTube and Google+. We recorded some video of the trip and I made a playlist on my channel..


Check it out and let me know what you think??


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    • By Pingo
      This was a diorama entry in the Crystal Brush competition at Adepticon last month. 
      (The Adepticon 2018 picture thread is here, new images still being added.)
      Does anyone recognize the spider-centaur queen figure at the top? Someone asked me what mini it was and I couldn’t answer.

    • By Pingo
      I was at the 2018 Adepticon in Schaumburg, Illinois last month helping out at the Reaper Paint & Take tables.
      I took pictures of the stupendous international Crystal Brush competition entries and other minis and terrain with an eye towards the interests of the people on this forum. Also some fun cosplay and miscellaneous interest.
      I can't guarantee my photographs are great. I was using two cameras with very different capabilities and strengths and I am not a professional photographer. Some of the pictures use a very harsh flash because it allowed for super sharp enlargements of detail, something I thought painters here would be interested in.
      I didn't know which entries would win the Crystal Brush competition, and as it turns out I missed the third-place winner. I have got pictures of the first and second place winners.
      So to begin with, here is this year's first place entry, "Apocalypse", a diorama by Michal Pisarski.
      And this is the second place winner, "The Name of the Wind", a diorama by Sergio Calvo. My pictures of this are not so good, I'm afraid.
    • By brushforhire
      Hello! Long time no posting. I have been getting back into painting as a regular thing, so I hope to be here more often!
      Anyways. I hope I picked the correct category of the forums for this.
      So I have put together a group painting even during the course of Adepticon at the group hobby area. We are going to be painting a Fire Giant Queen, bones or metal. It is open to anyone and just a great way to meet other painters and see how we all interpret the same miniature.
      Just grab a Fire Giant Queen, prep her, and bring her. I have not signed up for any events other than the crystal brush at adepticon, so I plan on being at the hobby area alot. I'll probably have a little sign to make it easier to find those of us who are doing this together. This is a super informal, pop in and out as you can, kind of thing. Mostly just to meet other painters and have a good time.
      If this is not cool, I apologize.
    • By Pingo
      I took pictures of many of the Crystal Brush entries at Adepticon earlier this month.  The photos are not always the greatest quality, sorry, but since so many didn't make it onto the official site I figured this is better than not seeing them. 
      There are so many beautiful paint jobs and assemblages!
      There's an entire album on Photobucket here (mild nudity in one photo).  Here are just a few:



      ETA: Swapped out one picture because of nudity.
    • By Pingo
      I was at Adepticon in the Chicago area earlier this month.  I took pictures.
      The whole album (except for Crystal Brush entry photos) is here, and here are some to look at:


      The legendary Julie Guthrie and Bob Ridolfi!

      The Reaper Paint 'N' Take:


      I took one picture of my work.I brought "Black Moon's Bane", the spelljammer, and a group of my painted minis.

      I also took Crystal Brush photos in a separate file.  Photobucket is being a little wonky, but if I can get them straightened out I will post them by tomorrow.  There were so many beautifully painted minis!
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