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coating metal miniatures

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Hi guys

I am new to reaper minis and to the forum! Just received my first shipment today(had to wait for a 1 god damned month). I got some bone stuff and some metal dark heaven legends minis. So I have few questions for you guys. 1. When painting metal miniatures do I need to use a primer? 2. Is a black primer just higher density acrylic paint? 2. If I haven't bought the reaper primer but I have Pure Black paint can I use it instead? 3. If not, what can I get in paint shops? (because we don't even have games workshop where I live)

If I understand correctly the primer is needed because with simple black paint the remaining coats of colors will not stick well and will rub off on the edges. Is all that correct?

Thanks in advance guys

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Okay, in order -
1) Primer for metal minis, not for bones (though you can)

2) No, primer isn't just high density paint. It has abrasive material in it which etches the metal slightly, and gives regular paint something to grip on to

2b) no, you don't want to use reaper pure black as a primer for metal miniatures. On bones, if you want a black starting surface, this is fine.

3) You can use a variety of spray primers, but I'm not the one to ask about that. Art stores should carry acrylic gesso, which works well as a primer also, and can be applied with a brush.

You have it basically right. Primer etches the metal a bit as it's applied, allowing it to grip better, and allowing te paint to grip it better.

Also remember to soap-and-water wash all minis before you begin.
Have fun!

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Black spray paint comes off very easily, I've cleaned a lot of figures I've bought from people frustrated with their crap paint job on black paint.


You don't say where "here" is but I'm sure you have a hardware store or do-it-yourself place nearby where you can buy primer in a spray can. An auto parts store carries it too. Look for Dupli-color sandable auto primer. It looks like this: http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_sandable-primer-white-12-oz-aerosol-duplicolor_7140819-p


A light coat, on 3-4 sides, from about 8" away will do it.

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Read as many tutorials on primers as you can. It's not difficult, but the more you prepare to prime, the better results you get.




Try spraying with white primer then washing with brown ink to get a head start on figure details.


When you're comfortable with spray primers, try zenithal priming!


Also, try simple basing (eg. glue and sand) before you prime!

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Buy and use reaper brush on primer for the metal minis! You can thin it as much as you want and humidity doesn't matter.

Agreed. I have switched to brush-on primer for all my minis (except BONES, no primer there).

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