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Storing prior to painting?


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With a double vampire sitting on my kitchen table, and not really wanting to just push them back in the boxes, what methods ate you going to use to easily find the figure you want?


I thought amount monsters in one Baggie, chronoscopes and IMEF types in another, armored in another, casters, etc... Not sure I will ever be satisfied with what I choose, but dumping them back after 2+hours of sorting is NOT going to happen.

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I grabbed enough storage capability in cases to handle my entire order.


Of course, I may have thrown this slightly offline with the discovery of my Shelf of Ancestral Shame - I think I'm going to be short ~25 slots. So I'm planning to

  • Expand a few of the slots for the larger figures
  • Use the foam from making the expansion to partition off some of the smaller slots for the smaller figures (rats, kobolds, familiars, that sort of thing)

We'll see how it goes. Right now I'm storing my pre-Kickstarter Bones in cheap 'clip-loc' plastic boxes and that's working just fine. So, if you really wanted to catergorise them and have them in something slightly more 'classy' than zip-loc baggies, I'd suggest getting a few of the .5 litre boxes and leaving them to it. Hell, I've got my painted Bones in one and it's working fine.


If you're looking for Catergorisation types, depends how granular you wanted to go. You could grab really small boxes and sort them according to the Kickstarter labels for the stretch goals. I think on the whole I'd break them down thusly


  • Future
  • Present Day
  • Fantasy

Then I'd break Fantasy down further. I'd probably use something like this

  • Heros
  • Villians
  • Humanoids (Orcs & Goblins mainly)
  • Skeletons & Undead
  • Creatures
  • Constructs (including Elementals)

I think that'd get the majority of them into broad groups.

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I got some dimebags and grouped them by type... nova, space marines, skeletons, kobolds, goblins (separated by type), zombies, etc etc etc... the orcs required a couple of bags 'cause they is so big :)


then I tossed em all back i the box (except for the ones I will not be painting, Im donating them to a paint and take)

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I cleaned off an entire half of a bookshelf for them... sadly, I'm not sure they're going to fit on the bookshelf. That's what the top of the bookshelf is for- misc boxes of bones! Or I could finish cleaning out the bookshelf. I keep thinking I might need those old tax documents and receipts, though...you never know. How many years of tax documents does everyone keep, anyway? Bones are more important, right? ::):


edited to add:

ooh! Shiney! I moved into masterhood! whooo!

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