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Mark Hamil, I mean Redlute


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Photo does not seem that bad, but it could use some cropping.


Hope you don't mind.

How did you crop it without it pixelating? everytime I tried to crop it that close the photo became so blurry I could no longer see it.




Care to mention what painting techniques were used on this miniature?



Liquor isles often have a nice selection of clear stirrers, clear cocktail forks and miniature swords that will make 'good enough' lightsabres.



This mini is actually the first mini I primed in white. Most of my work is done on black. At the end of the project the only thing I am convinced of is that flesh should be primed on white.


Once the mini was primed I put down all the base coats

-GW Dark angel green for his pants

-GW Bestial brown for all the leather

-GW snakebite leather for his hair

-GW bleached bone for his shirt

-Coat d arms Suntanned flesh for his flesh

-All paints were thinned using the Jen Formula at a 1:1 ratio as described in Reapers Craft Corner

- shining gold (necklace)


The washes (all GW)

-Ogryn flesh wash for the flesh (2 coats)

-Nulin Oil (for everything else)

-Devlan mud (hair)


Painted eyes black, then layered on bleached bone, then dotted black


First layer (all GW) colors were thinned at a 4:1 ration of Jen's formula:paint. Of course at this point I applied paint leaving the deepest recesses alone.

-Dark angels green (pants)

-Beastial Brown (leathers)

-Bleached Bone (shirt)

-suntanned flesh (flesh)



-Dark angels green + white (Pants)

-white (wrinkles in shirt) at this point the contrast between the recess of the shirt and the highlights was too much so I splashed on a bit of bleach bone glazes into the deepest recesses

-snakebite leather for hair

-elf flesh (flesh)

-mithril silver (necklace)


Once he was finished, I decided the contrast between the suntanned flesh and the elf flesh was too much so I added a third wash of ogryn flesh to darken the elf flesh and help it blend into the suntanned flesh.

The flesh process was taken from the Jenova Project (highly recommend)

and the painting process, base coat, wash, highlights was learned from how to paint miniatures.com

Many techniques were also gleaned from Reaper's tutorials.


PS- sorry reaper, I don't own any reaper paints :(

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How did you crop it without it pixelating? everytime I tried to crop it that close the photo became so blurry I could no longer see it.

Opened the image in an old version of paint. Select all. Drag the image up and left. Crop by pulling the bottom right corner up and left.

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