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Bones - First Figure Ever (of my partner)

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My deliciously evil partner in crime, currently studying for her Masters in Fine Art, has been taken by Figmentia! I foolishly suggested that she might like to try her hand at painting some miniatures with me and I've created a monster! A Monster in Fine Art, if you will!


Although, painting with someone is very fun : )


Behold, her first ever mini, and weep! WEEP!






And here's a quick shot of her second:




I feel completely inadequate to give her any advice, given that her brush strokes are so much more precise than mine. Any thoughts, oh people who know what the hell they're doing?

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hey- don't feel bad. By the time an art student gets to Masters level they've been painting for years and already know how to blend the heck out of anything. The big change is the scale and limiting the prominence of brushstrokes. And upping contrast almost to a cartoonish level to get even better photos-always a hard task! Since she has already mastered (pun...) the ins and outs of painting, see if she wants to take up the task of creative basing! There's green stuff out there just begging to be incorporated...


Excellent work on the blending, with the color choices, and the smoothness of the transitions! Welcome to the madness!

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Those look great! I like the subtle oranges in the first one to compliment the blues. (I'm mildly obsessed with color theory after taking a few classes at ReaperCon.) You should get her into basing! It's also something you may have more experience than she does. Unless she's into sculpting, too, in which case you should probably just give her your forum handle and let her pretend to be you.

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Getting an art student started painting minis will likely have the same result as when i introduced RPG games to a group of theater buddies. The initial results are pretty impressive, but you may find your self sorely over matched skills wise.

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Hey, fine art ogre students can have romantic connections too! (and you'd better not tease them about it)

But yeah, love the blue skintones, especially on the ogre.


While on that topic, what's up with all the smurfing here lately? For smurfs sake, we even have a blue Rauthuros rolling around somewhere.

Guess I have no choice but to paint my bugbear blue.

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