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So, I told someone a while back that I would post a short pictorial tutorial on my method of making arrows. I realize it's a bit late, but I figured I'd give it a go anyway. Luckily Goblin # 5 from the Bones KS volunteered to be my lovely assistant. So, I shall endeavor to show my rather slapdash method for making small feathered projectiles.


Things we shall require:


Lovely Goblin Archer assistant in need of a reload.

Green Stuff

Vaseline (or non-stick of your choice)

Straight Pins (smaller the better)

Side Cutters/Wire Cutter

A needle paint poker thingie deal (this is a highly technical term for a sophisticated technical device)

Hobby Knife or sculpting tools (optional)

Flat surface to work on that you don't mind getting Vaseline or other non-sticker on

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Enter dramatis personae. After a long day of frolicsome archery with his friends DHL Skeleton Archer and Fighter with a bow, our lovely assistant, and hero, Goblin #5 is left with a spent quiver.



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Using the side cutters cut the head off of a straight pin. You can actually leave it on to make it easier to handle, but I usually snip it. Each pin can make 1-3 arrows depending on the length you desire.



Mix up a small amount of Green Stuff (or your preferred putty). A very little bit goes a long way toward arrows, so this is a great project to do when you're sculpting something else and you have bits of left over GS.



Roll out a small ball of GS. The size of this will depend on how large you want your fletchings to be. Play with this until you find a size that works well for you. Again, remember a little bit will go a long way.



Using your fingers squish the ball of GS around the pin. Using your fingers roll it until you have an elongated shape. Sometimes using water or Vaseline on your fingers might make this stage easier, but I usually do not.



Place a small amount of Vaseline on the flat surface you have chosen to work with. Here I just use the lid to my straight pins.



Place the "arrow" on the prepared area so that at least the GS part is not directly on the flat surface. Also it's a good idea at this point to get a little of the jelly on your Hobby Knife of Sculpting tool (whatever you are going to use to flatten out the GS).



Using the flat edge of your Hobby Knife or Sculpting tools, push down lightly on the GS while moving it back and forth to flatten the GS. It's not readily visible in the photo, but I flatten the putty until the wire of the pin is easily seen just under the surface of the GS. This may take a bit of practice to get "just right" so don't be afraid to start over if it doesn't come out the first try.



Once the GS has cured for about 10-15 minutes you can use the edge of your Hobby Knife or your Sculpting tool to cut the lines in the vanes of the arrow. It's a good idea to let the putty cure for a bit before you start this so that when you flip it over to do the other side, it won't deform as readily. Alternately you can also wait until the putty is completely cured to do this part, and if you do it allows you to cut it deeper and give it a more feathered look. You can see from the examples below that I did not let the putty cure enough before I cut the lines, and flipped the arrows. Also, at this point you can play with the vanes (fletchings) to shape them however you want. I didn't take a lot of time on these, because I wanted to get the tutorial knocked out, but you can make them as clean or as rough as you want. At this stage I would also like to note that a pair of tweezers or good needle nose pliers are helpful for handling the arrows.



At this point (get it, point?) use the needle paint poker thingie deal to put holes in the victim...errr miniature wherever you want the arrows to go. In this case Goblin #5 is getting a reload, so the holes go into his quiver.



And finally, our lovely assistant, and hero, Goblin #5 is locked and loaded with a quiver of new arrows.


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