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Chronopia Devout Risen

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This is the first mini i have posted here. I have returned to mini painting recently after a long break.
This particular mini is one I bought the first time i got into painting minis in the late 90s. I painted him up at painting night I hosted for some buddies a few weeks ago.

I was originally going to give him a more standard paint job armor wise but it really made so much more sense to go with a rusted look.

Any critique is welcome.




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Ha! If I had this sculpt, bare pewter, in my hand, I would likely say, "blecch!" and never paint it. But the look you've given this guy is fantastic! I love the rust effect...I have an old TSR rust monster on my table right now that may see some of this effect.


I would love to throw this and several of its friends down on my D&D table; thanks for sharing.

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Is the skull/head conversion work? I think I have that same sculpt as a dwarf :unsure: but with a normal looking baldish head.

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What a fun take on this miniature!! Very nicely executed. My only suggestion would be to use some brown the 'dirty' up the rust at random spots so that it doesn't look so perfectly monochrome.

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    • By Maledrakh
      Adamantite Golem from the defunct Fantasy skirmish game Chronopia, from the end of the 1990s.
      Chronopia was produced by Target Games, who also made Warzone, and was in it's day the only company that might have given Games Workshop a run for the money. Not that the games sold anywhere near the levels of the GW games, but the style appealed greatly to fans of Warhammer and Warhammer 40k especially since the miniatures where made in the heroic scale that was comparable to GW minis of the day, Target was very aggressive at marketing towards independent game stores that needed something to offset the dominance of GW building up sales in an area then moving in and sucking up the sales by opening a Games Workshop next to the independent (whereupon shipments from GW to said independent stores suddenly would experience problems with shipping and fulfilment, you know all the stuff that had plausible deniability to mess with the independent and making the customers go to the official GW next door for their new models.)
      This happened a lot and many indepentent stores were left with the short end of the stick, all over the world. Target came at a time ripe to offer a competing games system and miniatures to these indepentent shops that desperately needed something to fill the void. So the games rapidly caught on and was building it's following when Target Games went down in flames in the year 2000.
      ...Just when it was getting good, it all went away. Argh!
      At any rate, they left behind a legacy of lots of great miniatures (and a few bad ones to be honest). I have a few in my collection from back in the day, and I have traded for many more in recent years.
      Here is the Adamantite Golem, a fearsome warrior construct for the Elven faction.

      The elves of Chronopia were spiky, and not exactly light side in this game, consorting with demons, riding dragons and taking slaves.

      Big armoured magical robot thingy with a massive hammer to smite with.
      I collected Devout (=chaos), Dwarves and Blackblood (orcs etc) player back in the day and never had more than a handful of Elven minis as I simply did not like most of them. This one however, is nice. For some reason I did not get it back then.
      Adamantite Golem
      Chronopia, Elves faction, released sometime between 1997-1999
      Sculpted by Alex Hunter
      Metal, two piece casting (main body and backpack)
      40mm base
      For some reaon it reminds me of The Mountain, version 2.0.
    • By vulture
      Reaper has some incredible snakemen miniatures, and I have managed to collect many of them. This is the start of what I like to consider my personal warband. In the past I have run games of SoBH at conventions, using the miniatures from my collection as loaner armies, and I wanted something that was just ......BADA** for myself .
      Snakemen are Bada**.


      you can't unsee it!
    • By Chaoswolf
      Another old figure from Target games Chronopia line. This one is a demon of some sort, so I painted it up as a follower of Khorne (GW's god of war and battle).
      I free handed the shield device, and even managed to get the eyes looking fairly decent. I also tried to work a little more on shading and highlighting red with this figure.
      Maybe a little above tabletop? Let me know what you think, please.




      Blood for the Blood God!!!
    • By Chaoswolf
      This is a figure from Target games' Chronopia line; if I remember correctly, he's an axeman leader.
      His chain mail coif covers his ears, and with all the spikes and that brutal looking axe, I figured he would make a worthy addition to my Warriors of Chaos horde.
      Please let me know what you think.


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