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Boneyard wing'd Bonesium

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Because of the convergence of fields I wasn't sure where I'd get the best response. I chose CP&T as the most relevant...


As a Bones supporter I'm getting http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/almaran/sku-down/03292 which is an almost perfect match for my character. Except it's human... and wingless.


My paladin is a Scion of Arkhosia so I need wings and a head swap. I don't want to go crazy and get the Dragonman Conversion Kit just for 2 pieces... I can use the head from the Dragonman Warrior I'm already getting then buy a pair of wings.


So this is where I ask for your help.

Will metal wings unbalance the Bonesium mini ? Suggestions to prevent/counter-act if they will ?

Any Reptus Warlord players with info on the stability of the winged models ?

Any recommendations of which wings would be the best fit ? The pictures in the gallery while accurate, aren't the most helpful for me.


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A weighted base can help, but what you need to do is keep the center of mass of the total piece over the base, and preferably as close to the center of the base as possible. This can be done by lowering the CoM and moving it forward (by adding weight to the front of the base, for instance) or by simply moving the CoM forward (by moving the figure toward the front of the base and possibly extending the base behind the figure as well.


(To answer your first question, yes, I'm pretty sure metal wings will significantly unbalance a Bones figure like that.)

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A set of boneyard wings costs about the same as Sandy Garrity's "young fire dragon" ( http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Bones/sku-down/77026 ) available now at your local retailer without shipping charges. Bonesium wings can be counterbalanced fairly easily with a weighted base.


This one will tilt abut 60 degrees before falling because of a bunch of nails laying horizontally in the epoxy. Turned Flit here into a weeble.



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Based on his size and the desire for his base to fit on a 1" grid I'm probably going to get P06192E: Alt Sculpt Wings.

Does anyone have better pictures for them ?


I didn't want to use the Elder's wings because this picture:http://www.flickr.com/photos/entenabrae/4433408333/ tells me it would be more work than I think I can handle.

The young dragon's wings while less work, I don't like the look of.


Thank you everyone for the suggestions and advice.

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