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Cassu's many WIPs

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The skin work on the barbarian is splendid, nice work! His...18 pack makes me giggle, though. :) I like the pink hair, I think it adds a fun bit of personality to her.


Are you feeling any better yet?



--OneBoot :D

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I am doing much better now thank you OneBoot! Things are finally settling down and besides an average head-cold right now I am doing quite well. I've also picked up a brush for the first time in months.


Despite having a few projects on the go now I felt like starting something new just to have a play around with and not care too much about to get back in the saddle. I picked up the Bones; Aina, Female Valkyrie I slapped a quick base on months ago:


I've never had a problem with paint sticking to my Bones like some but I decided to play around with Buglips' trick of slapping some brown on the mini before panting any way. I figure at least this way too I have some shadows to start off with.

Started on the face because I could paint the faces on minis forever and not get bored, it's easily my favourite part to paint.



Just blocking in some more colour. (Not happy with that shade of blue, I'll be knocking it back a bit.)

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