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Cassu's many WIPs

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Taking a break from my Alastriel because my Bones arrived last week. Been basing them up with a combination of pre-made Micro Art Studio resin bases and blank plastic bases with green stuff. I must say, I have been really impressed with how easy the Bones material is to pin, been having heaps of fun.



Hell Hound on a base I made of a found piece of wood, milliput and some rock shale and Bones base off-cuts.


Cassie the Gnome Wizard on a Micro Arts resin base. There are so many details in these bases, love them!


Pirate Wenches.



Moar Pirates, yaaar!


Bunch 'o Casters.



Some Townsfolk on bases that I sculpted green stuff on to look like wooden floorboards.

More Townsfolk, these are all on grass with more Bones base off-cuts as rocks.

Creepy Wizard.

And a non-Bones mini, Misaki from Wyrd Miniatures' Malifaux line:


Pinned on a Wyrd Miniatures 30mm Zen Base. I must confess, this mini was the hardest thing to pin. The drill piece and metal pins I was using were only just smaller than her foot touching the base.

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Really nice figures you have there, how easy do the bones figures come off their stands?

Really easily, much easier than metal. I just cut the bases off with wire cutters chunks at a time, and when the majority of the base is gone I trim the last few bits and do a bit of a clean up with a very sharp x-acto knife I use just for my Bones stuff.

And that it's just a matter of using a small push drill / pin vice to drill a hole in the bottom of the mini's foot and glue in a small pin. I'd be happy to do up a small tutorial if people are interested.

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Those are some great bases.


I'm also glad to see that the staff of that Demon Sorceress can actually be straightened out, thought it might be too flimsy.

I was surprised how easily my minis reverting back to their original shape simply by dunking them in boiling water, I didn't have any problems with that Sorceress.



Very awesome basing Cassu! Basing might be my favorite part of the hobby. Awesome different bases, love it. :) Actually.. time to go base some myself!

I must admit, I'm a little obsessed with basing. :blush:


I forgot to take photos of my based skellies as well:



and this chicka:



I've also just posted a tutorial to the Tips section of the forums! Let me know if you have any questions, I tried to be thorough but I may have missed something.

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Hey those bones and MAS bases are a match made in heaven aren't they? They even look cool before they have any paint on them. Went through your WIP thread here, your use of color is very free and stylistic, looks to me that you're already developing a signature style and that's so important. Will look forward to your progress as you paint all these guys up!

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