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Cassu's many WIPs

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This is some great basing!


The two bones I have painted so far were unbased. I now see the error of my ways; I forgot how much fun basing can be. I must base again.

I am so obsessed with basing. @_@

I enjoy it though, helps me get into the story of the character by setting the scene of their surroundings.



Interesting tutorial. I usually use paperclips as the stuff I use to pin with, they come in 'straight' :) Good stuff! Basing be praised!

Yeah almost everyone I know uses paperclips, I didn't have any though that weren't covered in pink plastic. (I do love my pink stationary!)


Hey those bones and MAS bases are a match made in heaven aren't they? They even look cool before they have any paint on them. Went through your WIP thread here, your use of color is very free and stylistic, looks to me that you're already developing a signature style and that's so important. Will look forward to your progress as you paint all these guys up!

Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me, your work amazes me and inspires me so much.


Had a free day today so started work painting some of my Reaper Bones! I started on Damien the Tiefling (uhh... 'Hellborn') Wizard:


I'm going to be using blue OSL lighting from his staff and the runes below his feet.

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Great tutorial! Bones are so much easier to manipulate. Plus the cost makes me worry less if I'm overzealous with my knife. I like the blue/brown combo you've started on Damien!

Same, I also feel like I can be a bit free-er with my painting techniques, because it doesn't matter if I mess up. I don't feel I have to be as precious with the figure itself.


I'm glad I got to see Cassu from the start, before she becomes the greatest mini painter known to mankind.

That is so sweet of you to say! :blush: Doubt it will happen though, my comics career will always come first. Mini painting is just a hobby for me, that coincides with my love of tabletop gaming. There are many others there that I'm sure would like to be professional mini painters to some degree and can spend far more hours painting and honing their skills than I.

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The nice thing is though your career in comics will only help you be a better mini painter and vice-a-versa. Got to like that.

That is true, learning what things look like and different artistic techniques can be used for many different things.



Slapped some more colour on Damien tonight, including some roughly applied OSL effects to work out where my shadows will fall when I start shading.

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I started on my Deathsleet tonight after picking up some wooden rounds at a local craft shop today.

(As you can see I need a bigger backdrop photo for my bigger minis, I currently have an A3 one.)
I pinned Deathsleet to the base and then covered it with milliput and then smooshed in some old Bones plastic off-cuts and some column pieces. I'd filled in the gaps around his wings a few weeks back with some green stuff. Also considering sculpting him some horns.

My baby boy can now stand up on his own! Hooray!

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Made a start on Lysette for the current Beauty Pageant thing.


She's pinned onto one of the Wyrd Miniatures' Zen bases and I've sculpted some water lilies around the bottom out of green stuff. Then carefully cut a few extra petals out of cardboard with an x-acto knife and glued them on.
Not really sure of a final colour scheme yet so her hair colour may change.

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OoOo nice suggestions! My current schedule looks like I won't have time to get her finished because I want to enter the Halloween contest.


I picked up Elise the Witch at my FLGS a few months back and figured she'd be perfect to paint up for the Halloween contest.elise1.jpg

Made a start on her skin and base-coated the grass on her base.

I experimented with a new technique while shading her skin where I have all of my shadows and highlights on my palette and try and blend them a bit on the miniature itself instead of doing my base coat, letting it dry and then doing my shadows > then highlights. Also blocked in a lot of dark areas with Walnut Brown so I could see the edges of her skin a little better.



After I finish painting the figure I want to attach a bit of fence I from some thick metal foil. I want to try and attach a little Bones Bat to the top as well.

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Aaaand I'm done! I could have spent forever on this, but I don't have the time and I think there's a point where we need to just decide a project is done. :blush:


Going to take better photos tomorrow, probably going to get hubby to help me because I can't seem to get that darn cat in focus. I'm not very good with the technologies.

As shown earlier in the thread, the fence was something I made myself out of a piece of thick metal foil, the ivy and grass tufts are from Army Painter.

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