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Cassu's many WIPs

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Going to take better photos tomorrow, probably going to get hubby to help me because I can't seem to get that darn cat in focus. I'm not very good with the technologies.


The witch's near eye is in crisp focus, but the cat in the foreground and the bat in the background are out of focus. Depth of field is the problem here.


Go to a smaller aperture (larger f/stop number) to increase depth of field. You can also use a shorter lens (the lenses of many P&S cameras and camera phones are very short, btw), but that can reduce the amount of the field occupied by the subject.

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Wow, that turned out amazing. Some of the glow on the fence is a bit rough and could have it's edges softened up some but outside of that you've got one of the better paint jobs that I've seen in the past few months here.

Thanks and yeah I got burnt-out near the end and rushed the fence, I've touched it up a bit more today.


Thanks so much for the camera tips Doug but I failed miserably. I have an old digital camera, and I just don't understand any of the functions at all. I looked up a few manuals online but none of them were helpful. (Or, they probably were I just couldn't understand them.) The camera has too many buttons that do different things in different menu screens. :down:


Elise now her her own thread: http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/52162-02869-elise-the-witch/

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Thanks so much guys, you're making me tear up! I still feel like I've got a lot to learn, but I feel I make a little more progress with each piece. Watching the work of others and reading about their techniques also helps as well, I am so inspired by other painters.

I wasn't going to show these yet but I thought why not, my DM wanted me to paint some minis for his other role-playing group. (For free, eep.) I didn't realize how big his group was and was shocked to receive 7 minis.

Because I'm doing them for free he told me that could be just 'paint slapped on,' but asking me not to put in at least a little effort is like asking me not to breathe. So I've been speed painting the group as well as making custom bases and other modifications that were asked for. Here are the first two finished:







Some of the others:





So even the finished ones are rougher than I'd like my paint jobs to be (I've put in 12 hours on the 7 minis already) but I'm using this as a way to try and get myself to paint faster.


While working on these I'm still doing some custom sculpt work on my Deathsleet, want to paint up my Pathfinder Goblins and I'd like to finish all of the minis from my Learn to Paint Kits.

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Ye gods, Cassu. As I always say, I love when real artists start painting minis. I really like how you painted Tox's flame as a single surface, I tend to get so caught up in highlighting and shading every little subsection individually. I'm making a note here.


For reference, here is a link to my version of Tox painted somewhere in the mid 90s....after I had been painting off and on for years.


I also like from a gameplay perspective, each character has a strong main color for easy visibility on the table. Nice!

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