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CSM's Tome of Horrors Complete

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17 wacky creatures for $100. $200 for those, non add-on stretch goals (7 shown so far), a t-shirt, and a pdf of 800 monsters.


Its certainly structured with a lot more initial firepower then the Torn one, so with any luck this could turn out well. And hey, some of the creatures in Tome of Horrors (including a few of the ones they are starting with) are bizarre enough that you'll likely never get them elsewhere. :)





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The original thread for this project was closed. But I'm happy to report that a parcel full of minis is sitting with Her Majesty's Customs Leeches, and will, after over 3 years of thrills and spills b

I got a hold of him at the end of last month. I was told the error would be fixed and items would be sent out the next day then an email with tracking info would be sent. 2 weeks later and I'm stll wa

Right then, the minis are here and I'v been through and taken some pictures - there are a lot of minis in the range and I've taken photo of about one quarter of them   So a brief review:   It was

This seems cool, but some of these monsters seem useful if you have multiples and not just one of each type. Hmmm.


--- edit ---

Not a fan of the shirt. Wonder if we can trade that in. :P


--- edit 2 ---

I like that you can swap out creatures from the initial with ones from the stretch goal. That seems interesting.

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I like that you can swap out creatures from the initial with ones from the stretch goal. That seems interesting.

I'm wondering how they'll handle that with regards to different creature sizes though. I'm guessing the stretch goal Drakolisk will be quite a bit bigger than some of the initial minis, and therefore perhaps not a fair 1-to-1 trade. Or?

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I'm not actually all that interested in the initial 17, but I like the look of most of the stretch goals. Given everything else I have coming I don't think I'll go into this in a very big way, but the flumph and iron cobra are especially tempting.

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I'm guessing the stretch goal Drakolisk will be quite a bit bigger than some of the initial minis, and therefore perhaps not a fair 1-to-1 trade. Or?

Well an unwinged dracolisk is only man sized, so it could be that they plan the unwinged version but are just using the only art available. Or it could be a small scale mixup between picture / description and they aren't aware of the relationship of wing to size (sort of like the mistake EFS made during Midgard when they didn't realise the picture they selected as the concept for their huge dragon was actually that of a tiny pseudo-dragon).

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I don´t know well Sword & Wizardry, but I understand that if I wanted to use this on 3.5 I better go with the pathfinder version, correct?

Yes. Basically Swords & Wizardry is supposed to be 1st edition but better arranged, while Pathfinder is sort of like an evolved version of 3.5

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High buy in, no early backer bonus, silly minis, and 2 pairs of figs with very similar poses. I'll wait to see how much this grows. Maybe they will get a show of force if the critters are deemed meme worthy.


If the dracolisk is based on the 3E template dracolisk, it would be a medium creature without wings. CSM already has a huge Dracolisk. http://www.centerstageminis.com/catalogtrial/product_info.php?products_id=30

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Ah, OK, got you guys on the Dracolisk. I just thought the artwork looked like it was going to be a big mini, but I notice now that it is only a $5 add-on, so it makes more sense if it's just Medium.


Looking at this KS a bit more, it seems to me the $200 level will be a bit overpriced for a good while until when/if a bunch of stretch goals gets added to it. Even if this reaches $25,900, one could still back at the $100 level and add all the stretch goals for just an additional $35. The PDF of the Tome of Horrors is a nice bonus at the $200 level if you don't already have it (it's a 600+ pages book), but it is also available for purchase elsewhere for $30. If I decide to back this KS, I think I will probably go in at the $75 level (there are a few minis in the original lineup I could skip), and then add successively for the stretch goals. The $200 level might turn into an awesome deal eventually, but I feel this needs to go way beyond $30K for that to happen. Thoughts?

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CSM got burned a bit on their Demon/Devil KS due to the low buy in on their "All included" pack and how big it grew. I think he has been a bit gun shy on his all inclusive pack since then as the "sweet spot" buy in has been pretty high. He does have a larger pool of initial figs this time, which I think was a much better way to go then how he tried to do Torn. However, I think for smaller companies, the way Stonehaven does their pledges is a better way to control cost than have such a huge initial buy in pledge that is a bad deal when the KS first starts. Regardless, I think this is set up much better then Torn.


17 Metal figs for 100 is a decent deal regardless. The quality of the Demons and Devils is really nice. Old school look but not in a OMG thats what minaitures looked like in the 80's kind of way. Here are the greens from the Demons and Devils KS.



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I did not really like the feel of the demons and devils sculpts. Does this use a different sculptor?


International shipping is very nice though. That is not a blocking issue :) *Remembers Dwarvenforge*

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