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really basic, dumb question

Rom, Spaceknight

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(as I say to my students "yes, there is such a thing as a dumb question. but never let that stop you.")


what's the best way for me to get a pic online on the board? can I just copy+paste it into my post, or does it have to be somewhere to be linked to?

It needs to be on the web somewhere for it to show up here.


Most internet providers provide an amount of free webspace to thier subscribers, I would check that route first. Barring that you would need to find a provider that allows outside, or remote, linking. Once all of this is done you will have a URL or address that you enter in the pop-up after hitting the "IMG" button above where you type in a post.


There will most likely be more answers forthcoming, but I think I've pretty much covered it. ::): (If I haven't, someone will let us know :;)::lol: )

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I've recommended http://www.villagephotos.com to alot of my friends who use the cheaper ISPs who don't provide web storage space to their subscribers.


Villagephotos lets you upload up to 25 photos, and there is a size-limit. There is also a bandwidth limit, but I've yet to hear anybody say they exceeded their limit. Their FTP program is easy to understand, and they have a pretty good dummy-proof "help" section for new members.


They allow full direct-image linking (you can display an image stored on VF directly on any webpage, weblog or forum you wish to) and their reliability has been 100% fo rme so far.


Only catch is that you have to log in to your account every thirty days or so or it'll lapse.

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