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What do you regret?

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I went for V + Mind Your Manors + PF Dragon + Fire K&Q + Ice K&Q + Paint Set 1 + Forces of Nature.


I regret not getting Paint Set 3, the Undead Giant, and Nethy.


I slightly regret getting the Forces of Nature since they turned out to be the same price at retail. I'd have probably swapped for Undead Giant.


Overall, my selection of minis was relatively small, but I'm pleased with it. My addons were selected with an eye to how much tabletop time they'd receive; I even selected Paint Set 1 since it was all primary colors. I wanted a greater variety of cheap mooks rather than a select few huge models that would collect dust. So I don't really have a need for Kaly or Cthulu, but I think I'd like Nethy just to have for display/use for a single game session.


I regret that there weren't more paint sets to opt for. I think a "Walnut Brown" paint set would be awesome...just 12 bottles of Walnut Brown for $18.

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I mainly regret not getting Nethrymaul. At the time it was probably the wisest choice, being an international order and having to take into account the total price and weight for customs related reasons, but I still would have liked to add it :( So, if anyone out there regrets getting Nethrymaul and wants to get rid of it... ;-)


Kaladrax, I regret because of the price difference with what it will end up costing, but I can live without it.


Edit: Also, in retrospective, I would have liked to get the IMEF paint set as well.

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Not happy with the models? Or not happy that you didn't get them?



Not happy with the models. I was going to try and paint the giants up as ogres or something like that, but they're just so... blocky and clumpy.

I'm trying Kaladrax on eBay again. If he doesn't go this time then I may try the trade thread. I'm wary of trading though, and I'm not even sure what I'd want to trade for since I have 6 of everything (except for the big options, and why would I need more than one of any of those?).


I've considered painting Kaladrax up first and then trying to get $100 but I don't want to use up all my paint. He's a big one and that would take a LOT of white paint. >.<

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Nothing, I ordered V +1 of almost everything and a few duplicates of figures my wife also wants to paint. I spent several hours this morning organizing and test fitting all my minis (to ensure all the parts were there). It is an impressive pile, now I need to figure out which one to start with.


I had mixed feelings on the Cthulhu figure in photos. I had to get him because it is Cthulhu, but wasn't sure how happy I'd be with the figure when it arrived. I am happy to report the figure is much cooler in person, and I would be having serious regrets when I saw it the first time if I had passed on that one. The demons are pretty neat too, much larger than I expected.

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