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WIP one full case from the Bones Kickstarter

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49 Left to paint in the case, including the Force of Nature and Earth Elemental (which don't fit)


First the Owlbear, painted him for a game im running in a February Convention. Boy was he fun to paint!

his face came out brilliantly. He did get a little to glossy with sealer (after photo taken) but a paint on mat varnish took care of it, mostly.



This female barbarian was also fun, but I got distracted before finishing the final details.

painted her in metal armor first then went to the inspiration gallery - leather was the better way to go, although I did leave 1 gauntlet. maybe its magic.



Two very different Drow. I don't really like reapers dark elves, the proportions bug me.

but I will probably need some for my current campaign, so better get them painted up:

- my normally barely passable eyes went even worse under the hood. First guy actually has painted eyes, but they got hit by a later black wash, and are faint. The second's eyes were quickly abandoned.



The box: last uncompleted layer:


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January painting:

Daughter has gone back to school, so more time to paint!

these still need a bit of touch-up, as usual these photos showed errors and omissions.

Like the Eye-beasts teeth, I intended the shades of white to have more contrast.


Beholder: do I need one? eventually.

I like to use 1 per campaign, and they have always killed at least one PC. The most entertaining death was the thief who jumped on top, trying for a backstab. When the Eye Tyrant flew over the channel of Lava we all yelled at him it was time to jump, but he hung on. until it took a quick dive. As a 4e solo monster it realized that it was far tougher than the agile critter clinging to its stalks. Retrieving his body from 10' down in lava proved impossible.



A friend's pathfinder PC for GengisCon (although if I waited till after the painting classes It might have had some improvements.



Dwarf NPC



comments welcome.

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February Painting:


Force of Nature- this guy was a blast to paint. It took 3 days just to basecoat/shade him, and another 2 days for finishing and highlighting.  If I can get some decent pictures of him, ill do a show-off thread for him.




Santa Pirate:

he just looks alot like santa, I didn't paint him exactly the same, so he will still be useable in games.

Santa Pirate probably gives treats and gold coins to any childeren he finds while robbing an plundering on the high seas. Kinda like robin hood for the young.




as for basing. Daughter thinks I should sculpt a sack for sanata pirate.

FoN could use a whole forest scene on the salsa lid, but then he loses all hope of fitting in my case.

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Managed 1 painting class at GenghisCon.  Unfortunately it was the NMM class instead of the flesh and faces. unfortunate because I only brough flesh color paints. Bringing white and black would have saved me a bit of frustration.   I was inspired to try a wet pallet- used my old pallet, with a bit of water and a piece of parchment paper in the middle.



goblins old and new:



These guys need another later of shading but im extactic with the higlights.


two drow - the priestess is using some NMM techinques. (on top of mettalic paints, cause I had already started her and was feeling lazy.  The other I hastely repainted because I needed a sickly albino in fetish gear for a game I was running athe con. 




albino picts will be added later.


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- update down to 33 unpainted  figures in the case. Less than 20 in the box (mostly too big or too ugly to paint.) Buckyball has already won the speed paint, im going for 2nd) 


I love painting lizardmen.  I didn't have enough from bones I so I bought 3 more. 



Then one from another tribe. 

his details arn't done- weapon clothing etc this is just for his scales.

I think they work great on the back: 


but not so much on the front. 


any suggestions? 

hmm looking at the picture the leg stripes don't match up, they look better 1/2 to the knee. 

anyone see anything else? 



moved  the stripes from elbows to the middle of each arm and leg.  It just looks better that way.  

Not sure if its done or needs to go back under the brush.



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April has been a slow month. The Large fire elemental took 5 days by himself. 



This is a kitsune (fox woman) PC for a pathfinder game. unfortunately I went back to my elven cleric instead (Stag lord mini) 



also finished the tiefling with knives - but don't seem to have a photo. 

Finally the snakeman ! 

each scale has 3 shades, that level of detail was fun, but honestly drybrushing would have done the same job. 




also finished 3 familiars. 


26 remaining.


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Minis from May 


Monchrome (from the show-off thread) 



My next project: RATS! 

36 random Scaven from ebay.  I will paint at 4-8 for my gaming needs then leave the rest of the box for stuff to work on while I wait for bones II.  Besides shouldn't everybody should have an unpainted GW army lying around? 

I am planning at least 3 tribes with different fur and or uniforms.  At least one tribe needs to be white furred. Maybe ill modiffy some into casters.  So far I have 1 basecoated and 2 primed.  However my primer has developed and odd leak, creating what looks like a bubble of amber on the bottom of the can.  




A stone golem. my first use of the gem tutorials.  not sure im happy with him but its time to move on.  That front gem just wouldn't blend. 



Pirate and elven fighter.  pirate is supposed to have at least medium dark skin. His one crazy eye is bothering me in this picture.  Maybe ill go back for it.  I did fix the red inside shield, it was just as distracting.



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Maelstrom of painting.  Im getting close to the end and I just want to finish them all! 

Some fixes: 



Womens hair still a work in progress. I know that im supposed to do alternating bands of shadow and highlights but I just guess where they go, and it never looks quite right.



and my first 2 scaven!  Now the question is do I paint up 20 of them and resell them on ebay (for the same price I paid) 

which would effectively net me 16 free ratmen, or do i paint them as different tribes? and leave the variation in base color so I can track them in an rpg? 



comments welcome, hair tutorials/tips  appreciated. 

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Finally start making a concerted effort to get through some WIP threads and an liking your work.


As for the Skaven, it depends on you really.  Would you hate having to keep them all consistent 9i.e get bored with churning out them all in the same scheme)? 

Can you use 36 ratmen for your gaming purposes?  I know that I still have an unopened box of Clan rats I haven't bothered putting together in over 15 years as I haven't had a use for them (got them free with a WD subscription back in the day).  If you won't get bored and don't have a use for them, eBay away!

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WIP hair!  
(and I will insert show off threads for may here)  

1st try 

brown liner - reapers "blond hair" random highlights with a blond/white mix. 

"that's an ear right?" 


revised hair. 

shadows with brown/green, then blond added to previous mix, then blond then white/blond.  Added single strand highlights. 

still not perfect but looks more like hair, suggestions welcome. 




More Rats:  painted to so they belong in a unit, but with colored bases to use in an RPG games. The little footprints of color should help distinguish the muted colors when seen from above.   I will walk the middle road here for a while.  lets see if I can stand to paint 20 with the same color scheme. ROYGBV base colors as the exception. 


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Earth Elemental ! 

He was named Cliff Face Punch.  (from an old MST3k skit) He is the new best friend of my pathfinder cleric who just gained the ability to summon Large Elementals.  This is about 3 days of work, 4 if you count gluing and crack repair 



I decided that I wanted to to a variety of rock types and purple crystals. 

then I wanted to kill myself when buglips knocked his out with a couple of washes.


The crystals have become actual amethysts, cause I found a tutorial on how to paint amethysts. 

unfortunately it ends with a general statement about applying gazes till it looks transparent.  I was like (whuh?)  anyway the arm shows my best guess at this process.  




anyway. I still think of him as in progress - since we aren't playing for 3 weeks :(   

I'll put him in a "June Paints" thread with the few others I managed to finish this month.  


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