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CAV Non-commission Job.


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A note on my painting of figures, I have come to the point of using most any type of paints. My camo job here has no less than five different brands of paint. Long ago I use to use an Airbrush but I will only use it now if I cannot find the color I want in a spray can. The primer is Rustoleum grey and the others such as the green base color is a spray can. I use Bisq-stain, Testors, Floquil, Polly-S, and many others. I have put oil over acrylic paints, carefully. If I am not sure about something I test it on the bottoms where you will not see it anyway. I suppose the point of all this is, if you are new to painting, do not be intimidated by all the choices, brush types, what ever, get something cheap and get in there and try it out, you may be a Rembrandt. You will enjoy the end result of something YOU did, so do not be put off by anyone or anything, there are a great many skilled people here to help, so go for it.

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  It has been awhile since working on the Camo boys, I have been distracted by CAV construction, both miniatures (200) and Data Cards for CAV1.  I am posting them here to make them more available and to see if they are useable being posted here.  You will see I have brought some features over from CAV2 and incorporated them into CAV1 to see how they will work and also to help emphasize their uniqueness.  So, if it does not work for you they can be ignored and keep fighting.












Well try these out and see how it goes.


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Here is the beginning of the MercNet, 5th.Co., 18th.Bn., Guard Bde. This will be the last unit I will form. I still need to name the Camo Units and the Coral A/C unit.




The base color is Almond, and I was thinking of dressing them up with MercNet's Blue and Yellow banner colors.

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Here is some added Data FYI.







I adore this manual you are working out of. Is there any chance to locate or purchase a copy?



The manual you seek is a Technical Bulletin: TB43-0209, Color, Marking, and Camouflage Painting of Military Vehicles, Construction Equipment, and Materials Handling Equipment.


Try here: http://www.everyspec.com/ARMY/ARMY-General/tb43-0209_6205/

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