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CAV Non-commission Job.


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            This force is set up for CAV 1, which includes CAV from CAV 2 and beyond.   Most of these figures can be used with CAV 2.  If someone comes up with construction rules for CAV 2 then I will incorporate all CAVs that cannot be used outside of CAV 1.  So, if you see a model or a name you are not familiar with that is why, but they are all CAV models.


Here is how they rank:


125t.    Simba

121t     Emperor

117t     Thunderbird

115t     Ogre

112t     Crusader

110t     Rhino

106t     Revenant

105t     Concussion, Warhawk

102t     Butcher

100t     Mastodon, Ronin

 99t      Centurion, Starhawk VI

 96t      Wraith

 95t      Nightshade

 94t      Dictator 70, Tyrant, Warlord

 93t      Chancellor, Tiger

 92t      Archer

 91t      Duelist, Falcon, Scorpion

 88t      Challenger, Dictator 60, Sultan

 87t      Starhawk V, Wyvern

 84t      Katana

 78t      Jaguar, Mantis

 77t      Bishop, Sovereign III

 76t      Blitz, Conqueror, Regent, Sabertooth

 74t      Specter

 73t      Voodoo

 71t      Ghost, Knight

 70t      Recluse

 69t      Vanquisher, Gnomic, Spider Mk.II

 67t      Gnomic, Thug

 66t      Spider

 39t      Spartan

 36t      Panther, Raptor, Talon


            Underlined names are not part of CAV 1.  As you will notice some models do not fit the tonnage they were given.



   Here is the comparison of the Emperor and the Rhino.  It appears the barrels on the Emperor are thicker even though the bores are the same.post-9266-0-60048900-1454477235_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-03633800-1454477353_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-45953600-1454477504_thumb.jpgpost-9266-0-53140700-1454477599_thumb.jpg

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And lastly the Mechanized force:





These are for the Star Wars - X-wing article in the SciFi section.


Part 2


These are for the Star Wars Armada article in the SciFi section.



These are for the same article, different question:


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:blink: is that last picture entirely Wolverines???


The blue and white Ashigaru are really sharp--think I missed when they were originally posted!

Yes it is, 130 of them.  The last one in the far left corner was missing a turret so now it is strictly a Flame Thrower.

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Here is the last of the CAV I am working on.  To this point all CAV have been primed and base coated.  The final step is finish the finer details on most of them.


These are part of the unidentified unit in MercNet Situation Report.  As you can see some are darker than the others due to running out of White Primer. I had some Grey left and I wanted to keep on a roll.

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That is one epic collection of CAV models. The Star Wars set is also impressive. How do your original paint schemes match you plans for the new rules?

 Well, I have to say I will not be going beyond CAV2.  I consider "Fluff", as it were, as much as the game itself.  Once the "History" was changed you lost me.  Star Trek did it, and now Star Wars is doing it, so I now consider everything from now on, as "Alternate History" and that is where I stop.  All reports in "MercNet Situation Report" and MercNet Battle Report" will only cover CAV 1 & 2.

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Did you read the "fluff" for CAV : SO in the final rulebook? I think you will find nothing really changed other than some reordering and greater emphasis placed on making the universe diverse. I felt is was more important making you as a player a part of the events as they unfold rather than reading about it.

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Did you read the "fluff" for CAV : SO in the final rulebook? I think you will find nothing really changed other than some reordering and greater emphasis placed on making the universe diverse. I felt is was more important making you as a player a part of the events as they unfold rather than reading about it.

So... what does the term: reorder, mean?  No CAV production time frames/production rates have been changed?  No developments or Faction interaction dates have been changed?  So as CAV 1 flows into CAV 2, CAV 2 flows into CAV:SO?  I really cannot see spending money on something that does not fit in, since it would collect dust on my shelf.

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Soooo, I have been laid up this week from work, so I decided to start completing my various CAV paint jobs that were not fully completed.  So I pulled out the first Keter case and decided to complete whatever unit that is in it.  It is the Verdant Camo for this company.DSCI0001.thumb.JPG.fd793c5045351952d375bd3e55df6f0f.JPG  Two platoons are complete (never enough Artillery), DSCI0005.thumb.JPG.9483edb27481859d23004c1c02a39739.JPGDSCI0008.thumb.JPG.5a3a6051fdf274602fb5f002abe89cc7.JPGone half done. DSCI0004.thumb.JPG.720e56359558703b1612e918f0433284.JPGand the attached Recon walkers showing my initial screw up from when I first started.DSCI0003.thumb.JPG.136d6a97d4a701f0d2d874a2ceeb03b5.JPG Other close ups, hopefully you are able to see the four color pattern.DSCI0006.thumb.JPG.7c5ae6864b98f67104347aafb17007a3.JPGDSCI0007.thumb.JPG.b8c310679c4a08cd432653d7320a2b14.JPGDSCI0009.thumb.JPG.4c277feaff28f01285e3e543e4ca9ac5.JPGDSCI0010.thumb.JPG.a1353fb840047da8cb1cec14c56dbcef.JPG

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