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MercNet After Action Report.


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MercNews Report

Watchman Reporting

Location:    XXXXXXXX, Just out side the Galactic Center, Radiation Zone.

Coordinates:   Bearing: XXXD XXCD XXMD   Mark: XXXD XXCD XXMD


        This is Watchman on location reporting.  I am accompanying a green Terran recon platoon.  The force consists of an Archer, Falcon, Starhawk VI, and a Talon.   The patrol zone was to the south of the --------------- Diamond Processing Facility. 

        They reached the patrol zone that covers a hilly, woods strewn area with a small lake in the center.  The zone is on the edge of an area to the south called The Barrens.  This area has many declivities and mountains, very inhospitable, and burnt red from some past event.

        It was about midday, when an unidentified mixed platoon of, either Mercenary or Pirate, which is what my inclination is, was detected coming out of the south, from The Barrens.   Their direction of travel looked to be toward the Processing Facility.   The Recon Platoon, of the xxxxxxx xxxxxxx, deployed in a crescent moon pattern, forming along a ridge/ woods line, about a ¼ mile from The Barrens.   Contact was made when the enemy force was only an 1/8 mile from The Barrens.  They were totally unprepared for such a quick encounter, but they retained initiative through most of the battle. It appears the enemy force was equally green, being in a tight group in the center, making no allowance for flank maneuvers.

        The Terrans had the Falcon and the Archer deployed from the center to the right, on the ridge, but no cover, with the Talon and Starhawk VI grouped in light woods off to the left.  The Talon/Starhawk VI section was working around the left flank while the Falcon/Archer section held the center and right flank.

        The enemy force became recognizable as a Dictator, Duelist, Tyrant, and a Vanquisher.  They opened the battle, zeroing in on the exposed Falcon, using their initiative to great effect, the Falcon soon succumbed to the pounding of four enemy CAVs.  The Falcon did give out some punishment, but did not survive the onslaught, with the crew punching out early in the battle.  The battle was not going well for the Terrans with the enemy having the initiative most of the time.  The enemy force was holding to the move-fire-move maneuvers, coming out of the woods, firing, and backing back in again.  This was forcing the Terran platoon leader to do some thinking, as the Archer was engaging very little and the Talon/Starhawk VI section moving in an out-of-the-way area with no engagement and not realizing the capability of the Talon.  The platoon leader stopped the advance of the Talon/Starhawk VI section, pulled the Starhawk, and sent it across the flat lands just below the location of the Falcon/Archer position. The Starhawk went around the lake and into a path through the woods on the right flank that would take the Starhawk all the way to The Barrens.  The Archer, in the meantime moved to the left flank with the Talon, taking sporadic fire just before the move, but suffering no damage, having wisely engaged in a lateral movement behind some light woods.  Once the Archer joined up with the Talon, they began to continue the advance up the left flank coming out from behind a ridge to put fire on the enemy, in the process finding out the value of the Talon, also revealing its effectiveness to the enemy.  The enemy force began pulling back, refusing its left flank, not knowing where the Starhawk might appear, but distracted from the threat on their right.  The Talon/Archer section was able to move right up to the edge of The Barrens seeing the retreating form of the Vanquisher in The Barrens in the area of the declivities and no cover, fortunately for the Vanquisher, the Butcher was on Overwatch and moved to interpose himself to protect the Vanquisher.

        The next set of events were truly amazing as the ideal shot for both sides presented itself.  The Talon/Archer section got off the first shots at a Butcher sitting in the open.  Not one hit!   The Dictator, with those powerful Gauss Cannons, should have hammered the Archer.  Not one hit!  Talk about Weapons Officers banging their heads on the walls of their cockpits.  The Dictator backed off into the mountains.

        Back to the Starhawk and his flanking maneuver.  He moved to an Over-watch position near the edge of some heavy woods trying to see if the enemy force would expose itself in its retreat, but that did not happen.   The Starhawk continued the flank maneuver right into The Barrens into a corridor between some mountains and ended up facing the Tyrant in a hull down position, basically two small ridges between the two.   The Starhawk opened up with the Gatlings and riddled the Tyrant, convincing him it was best to depart. 

        The enemy force did leave intact, albeit a bit ventilated.  The Terrans lost the Falcon, but drove the enemy off, later recovering the Falcon crew.  The Terrans finished out their patrol and returned to rearm, and request a replacement for the Falcon.


This is the Watchman reporting from XXXXXXXX, good day.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Just an added note to our battles. Everyone starts at the bottom and works their way up. We have a system similar to becoming a combat ace of today. It is a challenge; makes you pay attention. Hopefully there will be no more "Falcon" situations. Here is the Platoon:


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News Update:


Recent information has been turned up concerning Pirate Unit involved in the skirmish. The unit is identified as being part of the Black Cutlass. The origin of these Pirates has yet to be determined. Here is the current unit symbol and pictures of the Platoon:



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MercNews Update

Watchman Reporting

MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)


Various bits of information have been filtering in on the Black Cutlass. Current unit observations put the force at a little over a company in size.

Current units observed to date:












As more information filters in we will keep you posted on further developments.

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MercNet Report 2

Watchman Reporting


This is Watchman reporting. We have received a report of another encounter with the Black Cutlass pirate unit. The ID was made by the markings on a Kharl that was over flown. This encounter entailed no CAVs. The force consisted of Mechanized, Wheeled, Hover, and Air Support. A company of the 1/1CAV covers this area. (As a note for other reports I will differentiate between CAV units and Cavalry units by the usage of CAV and Cav respectively.) We had a Sky High Observation Drone (SHOD), covering the area, taking as many shots as possible, trying not to have another Drone taken out in the process. The engagement was already in progress by the time we arrived.



This sector forced the invaders to the center and right flank due to heavy woods and rough terrain. Once again there was no provision for screening the refused left flank; it was wide open.

The Black Cutlass units consisted of 2-surplus Terran Ashigarus, 2-Flails, 2-Hornet hovercraft, 2-Kharl gunships, 2-Kikyu gunships, and 2-Tsuiseki gunships. Facing them were a Gnomic, 2-Emperors, a Revenant, a Warhawk, 2-Katanas, an Ogre, a Chancellor, 2-Conquerors, and 2-Blitz.

As the battle progressed the Lance that contained an Emperor, Katana, Warhawk, and the Ogre was working its way down the left flank through the heavy woods. The Warhawk and Katana actually flanked the Black Cutlass and engaged a Kharl and Kikyu from the cover of woods.

On the right an Emperor, Katana, Revenant, and Chancellor were taking cover behind a small rock formation at the end of a small lake. Unfortunately for the Revenant his position was not good enough. A Kharl, Kikyu, and a Tsuiseki all popped up and poured fire into the Revenant with an incredible display of accurate fire (excellent die rolls), were tearing it apart. The Revenant, on the other hand, was not accurate at all (hard to imagine any worse die rolls-die was switched by the way). The CAV jockeys wisely decided to vacate the premises, as it were, before the Revenant was reduced to scrap.

In the center the Blitzes and the Conquerors made up an Artillery Lance, which was under cover. They commenced an indirect fire mission that turned out to be right on target with minuscule drift. This action accounted for all the kills scored upon the Black Cutlass, as a sweep of the area after the battle turned up the remains of a Flail, Kharl, Kikyu, Tsuiseki, and a Hornet.

Eventually incoming fire tapered off as the remnants of the Black Cutlass vacated the area. It is unknown at this time what their objective was, possibly the same target as the first encounter? It was most unfortunate for the pirates to run into the 1/1 CAV Company.

We will be keeping an eye on this planet for further developments concerning the Black Cutlass. How many more units they have as yet, still needs to be determined.


This is the Watchman, good day.

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MercNews Report 4
Watchman Reporting
MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)

I bid you greetings;

            This installment finds us in a system between 118 Castor and 160 Fornax, about 15 L.Y. out from 118 Castor.  We have a Sky High Observer Drone (SHOD) doing a survey of the fourth plant.  What we encountered in one of our sweeps is the Black Cutlass unit on the move, rather hard to mistake them for any other unit.  They seem to be ignoring us so why not tag along and see what they are up to.


           They are moving two Platoons/Lances in what appears to be a Recon, or even a possible move to contact action.  We took the SHOD up higher for a look see down range.


           Now this should get interesting, since there is a line of CAV in defensive positions some distance a head.  As for the B.C. unit they will have to go through three choke points to reach the other unit.  What B.C. is up to has yet to be surmised.   As for the other unit we will need to get a little closer to see who is facing B.C. and possibly see what they are screening.


           Hmmmm, this is not good, we put the SHOD hard over to bring it back a ways to maintain distance from the 11th. A.C.R., as the marking on the front of the Ogre indicates. They have shown a tendency to show their disapproval of being observed. 

           So the 11th.’s  formation, from left to right is: Star Hawk VI, Centurion, Ghost, Tyrant, another Tyrant, Challenger, Jaguar, and an Ogre.  What faces them is: Tyrant, Rhino, Duelist, Khan, Gladiator II, Dictator, another Khan, and another Rhino.

           B.C. was moving up on what would be the 11th.’s right flank.  B.C. is splitting up and sending one Platoon to the 11th.’s left flank and avoiding the, no cover, center choke point.

           In the meantime the 11th. is keeping an eye on B.C. and moving their units to concentrate their forces on their left and right flanks.

           Up to this point there appears to have been no exchange of fire, so far as I can see with the SHOD. 

           The SHOD is encountering heavy jamming and transmission has been lost. 


If no E.M.P. attack has occurred the SHOD will go to into auto mode and return to its launcher.  Once recovered, or communications are restored, we will get back to the current action to see what has transpired.


This is the Watchman, stay tuned.



Game note:  The blocks are 1†high, used for reference points in spotting.  I have yet to create the terrain features to replace the blocks, but I have acquired all the materials necessary.


Edited by Watchman
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MercNews Report 4
Watchman Reporting
MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)


I bid you greetings;


     So it seems we have struck a nerve with B.C.    Well B.C., until you demonstrate you have the 11th. A.C.R.'s E.M.P. ability, we will be hanging around to watch the show.  Not that I expect an answer, but my question is do you know you are facing the 11th. and why?   

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MercNews Report 4
Watchman Reporting
MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)


I bid you greetings;


    Communications with the SHOD have finally been restored.  Moving back to the action, we will see how far along this encounter has progressed.

It appears from our Infrared Scanners, the Dictator has taken damage.  So the engagement has begun and we will see if this recent addition to the Galactic Fraternity can cut the mustard, as the Terrans like to say... any Terrans out there let me know what mustard is.   Well Black Cutlass is continuing the move fire move mode.  They are attempting to gain a lock on, possibly the Tyrant on the right flank.  But so far their attempts have been futile.  This stands to reason with the Khans so far back they are unable to provide ECCM support.  I still cannot figure why B.C. is attacking the 11th., death wish maybe.

So the Khans have been brought in closer.  Now the Dictator is opening up on the Tyrant and scoring some hits with the Tyrant returning fire with no effect.  The Tyrant has backed off into the woods.  The Rhino on the left is opening up on the Chancellor, next in line. Both have scored.  The chancellor has decided not to continue to go head to head with the Rhino and it has backed into the woods. The initiative is with B.C. at this time, allowing the Dictator, Rhino, and now the Gladiator to take on the next CAV, the Jaguar.  It has taken two hits from all that fire being poured into it.  Evidently being behind light woods and hull down has helped.

WHOA, a surprise move by the Starhawk.

It popped up on the ridge and let loose on the Khan on the Right flank and blew it away.  The Khan was in light woods but from the Starhawk's level 2 position it was a clear shot otherwise.   The crew appears to have ejected safely and is leaving the area.  B.C. has been moving it's right flank units toward the center and now the Ogre is taking advantage.
The Ogre is flanking B.C.'s position.  In the mean time the 11th.'s Centurion did a similar maneuver as the Starhawk and just took out the other Khan.  And with that action B.C. is performing a retrograde maneuver, minus both Khans.
The 11th. is returning to it's former stations and not follow up the fadeout of the B.C. 
Yes Sir, death wish it was.
This is the Watchman, good day.




Edited by Watchman
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Fun report and nice pics!

Thank you.  I try to make these reports interesting to go along with the action.  Also I like the fact Black Cutlass participated.  I was hoping this would happen, get people involved.  It maybe a shot in the dark, but possibly if people get involved they may find the game more interesting being a part of it beyond the game board.  Does anyone else think so?

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