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MercNet After Action Report.


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MercNews Report 5
Watchman Reporting
MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)

I bid you greetings;

We have recently returned to a system between 118 Castor and 160 Fornax, about 15 L.Y. out from 118 Castor.  We have a Sky High Observer Drone (SHOD) doing a repeat survey of the fourth plant.  We are in an area of small mountain ridge lines, broken ground and an abandoned base of some sort.  This area must have had some high usage considering the size of that bridge.  We have had reports of the Black Cutlass activity; they most certainly stand out in a crowd...  1DSCI0122a.thumb.JPG.6e1009318adcff2ffb984638816c5c3b.JPG

4DSCI0122d.thumb.JPG.31f3689a61a5df2334eaa5c66a846570.JPGWell we are right on target, based upon the information we received on their occupying a base.  We find them moving into the abandoned base. 2DSCI0122b.thumb.JPG.148fcbc7ab073cf292920aa8818eb29d.JPG3DSCI0122c.thumb.JPG.1fce1c5c2b53352af109e9bc13d5d89f.JPG5DSCI0128.thumb.JPG.39ebf2dddbec223d8cde353a4807bfa2.JPGDSCI0129.thumb.JPG.334ec3c4f717627e419e648c8baa54f9.JPGDSCI0134.thumb.JPG.7e05645c3af40c2d93f6769f5960868e.JPGDSCI0132.JPGIt has been awhile since we last encountered them.  It appears to be an oversized, combined arms, company of sixteen CAVs, Armor, and Air assets.  No indications of where the rest of them may be deployed.   It appears their force consists of a Dictator, Duelist, two Wolf tanks, two Tsuiseki ground attack aircraft, a Ghast, two Starhawk V, Chieftain and Despot tanks, two Rhinos, Gladiator, and two Wights.

In a brief scan of the area, a company of an unidentified source is moving from behind a small mountain range to Black Cutlass’s front.DSCI0136.thumb.JPG.34cfbd8225c6d15263fb0c38a2935851.JPGDSCI0127.thumb.JPG.78f7cc95c884dd93d53df606e307d044.JPGDSCI0135.thumb.JPG.5d0f0e814cf82e99adf354f6df9a07c1.JPG  The identification is thus; there is a Gnomic, Butcher, Katana, Spider, Regent, two Specters, another Spider, Scorpion, two Sovereign IIIs, and one more Spider.  Some of these look rather familiar.  I have reported before we are trying to track down the 2nd. ACR, 14th. ACR, and the 11th. ACR.  Well, let us see what develops here; a rendezvous or an engagement.

            The bulk of the opposing force appears to moving through the mountain crossover point unawares of what is on the other side, unless, as I mentioned before, this is a meeting.  This would not be a good place to become bottled up in.DSCI0131.JPG

We have our answer as the force moving out on the low lands has come under fire from the Dictator platoon on the right flank of the base.DSCI0144.thumb.JPG.5cb24af733db40e8c14b9bded7301fc8.JPG  The Gnomic has sustained several hits with Black Cutlass doing a move-fire-move action.  The Gnomic does score some hits but does a tactical retreat to survive.DSCI0142.thumb.JPG.097132b36af1301ccd87b85d6cfa48fc.JPG  The Katana has moved up to open up on Black Cutlass on the right flank.  Shots are being traded.  The Gnomic’s comm. set was knocked out, resulting in the Katana not being warned of the concentrated fire power.   Black Cutlass had, and maintains initiative, which does not bode well for the Katana.  Even though the Katana was in cover and hull down, Black Cutlass did extremely well and eventually KO’d the Katana. 

The Rhino platoon is moving up to the broken ground area, but highly doubtful they will proceed much further as tight as it is.  I would say the best they could do is be a covering force on this flank and keep the opposing side from breaking out of the mountains.DSCI0145.thumb.JPG.4d666abf6f19313407e0520e20c48b14.JPG

DSCI0149.thumb.JPG.806f27befa21b101bc59aabb6141bf3d.JPG            On the bridge the Regent has come to a halt.DSCI0148.thumb.JPG.4277359939fae6c443ac07cd42e19197.JPGDSCI0146.thumb.JPG.6cf39d3970b4b14d7bd3256100bfeb57.JPG  It appears to be in a position to observe the low lands to some extent, but has moved no further.  The rest of the platoon is continuing to close up.DSCI0162.thumb.JPG.0cca70b1c937b0b96fbcd80d833841a4.JPG  The other platoon has reversed course and is heading back to support the platoon on the low lands.   It has moved in to reinforce the first unit.DSCI0176.thumb.JPG.ba09f26b5fee944fc6ac3286459057a1.JPG     In the mean time the opposing force is opening up with indirect fire on B.C.s left flank (the dice indicate the initial map coordinates designated for bombardment and in some cases where they ended up impacting.)DSCI0164aa.thumb.JPG.bee2ccd011c646ea9041b6ac58443833.JPGDSCI0166aa.thumb.JPG.aeec9df94481b6bf3bcda2885dbb0a7c.JPG DSCI0172.thumb.JPG.7c594be98c983fe6ce75b9b93e454bde.JPGDSCI01511.thumb.JPG.4c821f032ac6fcfe55cf02cb39c7223d.JPGDSCI0169.thumb.JPG.032242b77ab6fe8044cfc24f634652f6.JPGDSCI0171.thumb.JPG.21dd9ea0a61256edb9ee15015f3d1fac.JPGDSCI0175.thumb.JPG.98135cdc7f5eff6e79bb903049d2d62b.JPG Ahh, it looks like Black Cutlass is following suit and returning the favor targeting the bridge (I think I will need to determine bridge strength for the possibility of knocking it out.)DSCI0156.thumb.JPG.a18b95f7998f86d89c7648ed5d5a75b0.JPGDSCI0167bb.thumb.JPG.31ce33cf9fd652a7e03625bce30f8e7e.JPGDSCI0168bb.thumb.JPG.49f27594dd2fe35f3a1bf15c491dc6f2.JPG DSCI01532.thumb.JPG.7d9d492d10356b7681c99d42da604a41.JPGDSCI01542.thumb.JPG.b7268b0be9f88473018a3ce4c0fad617.JPGDSCI01552.thumb.JPG.e17d582ed462822aee9da3ab69ce8e0f.JPGDSCI01581.thumb.JPG.f7b9e38377d725f8b007ead9cca886dd.JPGDSCI01591.thumb.JPG.35975abec9b0edef930c0656cda526cc.JPGDSCI01571.thumb.JPG.d9740590aae84710269706398924a7d6.JPGDSCI01611.thumb.JPG.e50b4cefac6eac69fdc344e82b8738ec.JPGDSCI0170.JPGDSCI0173.JPGDSCI0174.JPG All in all, little damage was done to either side by the incoming rounds.  B.C. came out a little worse overall.  B.C. did attempt to send the Ghast up the middle for an attack but he received more than he gave.  The battle pretty much bogged down.  Neither side was willing to press the issue.  B.C. was in the worse position having no support.  Our SHOD picked up an encoded transmission from the opposing force and in short order received a reply.  Evidently B.C. also picked up on the comm.  B.C., probably wisely, decided to pull back, rather than find out if it was a call for reinforcements.  B.C. clearly was the victor in this battle, severely damaging the Gnomic and taking out the Katana.   Who ever they are were clearly complacent going against a Pirate unit.  I bet that does not happen again.

This is the Watchman reporting, good day.







Edited by Watchman
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Top Posters In This Topic

MercNews Report 5 Update 1
Watchman Reporting
MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)


I bid you greetings;

        Since reporting that the unidentified unit looked familiar, I searched the Archives and spotted a match.  This appears to be the 11th. CAV.  If so they just received a bloody nose from Pirates!!!  This will not look good for them.  I fully expect retribution will be forthcoming.


This is the Watchman reporting, good day.

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MercNews Report 7
Watchman Reporting
MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)

I bid you greetings;

          This encounter was precipitated by a platoon of fairly heavy CAVs for the pirate group:

Black Cutlass
Division C elements
Platoon strength


42nd Legion (Black Watch)
1st Battalion
3rd Company elements
2nd & 3rd Platoons



            Black Cutlass advanced upon a static position; 42nd Legion in defensive positions.DSCI0108.thumb.JPG.ef3c67c60f6e5c69c2f04dbbeff0577c.JPG  Black Cutlass was approaching from the South on the right flank.DSCI0106.thumb.JPG.5128b10bcc918e6959784936e33aea09.JPG The 42nd evidently did not have any air assets on surveillance patrol, as it appears Black Cutlass was able to approach fairly close before the 42nd took notice of their presence.  The 42nd sentries were not very diligent in being mobile to continually have a differing view of the surrounding terrain.  Never the less they spotted two Wights closing in.DSCI0109.thumb.JPG.0f10c0312f461f2d98ca624404fb3a9a.JPGDSCI0110.thumb.JPG.fb8cfb423ae69f925c263c924dfb9254.JPG  Black Cutlass was driving his Wights while leaving the rest of his force behind.  The Purple Wight was in position to initiate combat but lacked the range, DSCI0111.thumb.JPG.e00b510d2f1eca0eaca61c0f776a4217.JPGthe Bishop, on the other hand was able to launch his DFMs and scored some damage which resulted in the Wight backing off to cover. The Bishop did try to rattle the Wight by launching some IFMs his way, but as there was no Target Lock, you can see the resulting impact point far enough to the right, that even his Area-of-Effect of 4” was unable to reach out and touch him.DSCI0112.thumb.JPG.888f3f2ea76d5d74ef60cc7746aae112.JPG
          All the while this was going on the 42nd Starhawk VI was moving out of the back of the fort, around to the left flank in a hurry, using the roads to good effect. The Sovereign III along with the Falcon, were moving in position to cover the South access point.DSCI0113.thumb.JPG.68650392201da79e70a9f0fabfa7a097.JPG  The Specter had moved up to the wall position to cover the Bishop. In the mean time the other Wight was moving up behind the ridge and eventually achieved a position where it was able to fire upon the Falcon, achieving hits but no damage.DSCI0115.thumb.JPG.4527da37fc3845fb00809b33674ee4de.JPGDSCI0114.thumb.JPG.35694f49d4adc9e37b9ad1741b576bbd.JPG  The Falcon on the other hand did score.  The Wight fell back but was hindered by being in the water so did not achieve a point sufficiently far enough to get out of the line of fire.  The Specter achieving a lock-on could only use his DFMs, due to the range factor.  The Specter did zero in on target and while the missiles started to impact, the crew pod was ejected and the Wight suffered a critical hit putting that CAV out of commission permanently.DSCI0117.thumb.JPG.4d3cf7ce95aba0c9058373e3f8ec1389.JPG  The Rhinos never made it to the battle, being bogged down in the heavy woods.  Black Cutlass determined it was better to perform a retrograde maneuver with the fast approaching 42nd units.

Force details/objectives.

The Black Cutlass had three Veteran crews and one Regular.
Their objective was to probe the Fortress defensive units and:
Determine the size of force present and return with no losses.
They achieve half of their goal by observing six CAVs present.

The battle was considered a draw.
Their big failing was splitting their force, leaving major firepower behind.
Higher Command surmised there were at least two more present to form two complete Platoons and maybe another Platoon in the area for a full company.

The 42nd had all Regular crews that performed quite well considering their lateness in getting on the ball, damaging one and killing another..


We have all CAVs listed thusly; all start as regulars, as denoted in the first column (R).
The next time that CAV goes into battle it will be as a veteran (V).
To achieve Elite status would require accomplishing ten battles. 
To be an Ace will require five kills.




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Battle Record Keeping/Terrain Modules update.

Battle Record

          The current plan is, as updated, starting as before:

Everyone starts as a Regular (R),

Second battle on, as a Veteran (V),

Kills recorded in every seventh column (K), denoted with a star,

Elites are survivors of eleven battles (E),

Ace is reached on the fifth kill (A).



Terrain Modules


       I think a compromise will work better by making new modules following the contours in close in places only, such as these:DSCI0130.thumb.JPG.4b45b9ae9dccd938aea3f220ef1114fe.JPGDSCI0131.thumb.JPG.e93676d2d0b53cfc551257ea679e05d1.JPGDSCI0132.thumb.JPG.5b04583293a79ffc66a97b7e95d4b7fc.JPG

And staying with the hex pattern everywhere else so as to not unduly reduce the number of places a CAV can set upon. This is based upon the narrowness of many places, if strictly adhering to the contour lines solely.  As you can see, battle planning will still be required for the deployment of certain CAV units due to restricting terrain.DSCI0136.thumb.JPG.a1a58c236b0aad1c28e6def345d28d04.JPGDSCI0137.thumb.JPG.8115520a8c458b2f026dbb637854968b.JPG


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MercNews Report 8
Watchman Reporting
MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)

I bid you greetings;

            We received an anonymous report; location not stated.  It appears this involved the remnants of a Black Cutlass company.  The unit was some how cutoff and behind enemy lines.  The sector they are trying to effect an escape was screened by the 2nd. Cav.., 1/1/1.DSCI0004.thumb.JPG.1596c7a638f0d91cad491e916859c926.JPG  The area is heavily wooded and very hilly.DSCI0001.thumb.JPG.ab13aee15b2bd1d301c47a50ff443742.JPG  Black Cutlass was inadvertently aided by Communications being jammed in the zone, which kept the 2nd. in the dark about enemy activity in their rear area.DSCI0006.thumb.JPG.bf72fa260a2095a126aeb8b16b7734e3.JPGDSCI0007.thumb.JPG.e7da19aff6febb0dfc58fa9dc99b9390.JPGDSCI0009.thumb.JPG.eae7b4c4af868dd599108ba7ee19cb37.JPGDSCI0010.thumb.JPG.c17fe817fb50d671d94d8bbcd4220b6a.JPGDSCI0011.thumb.JPG.f37515449583f69c0d764e92ccde1961.JPGDSCI0013.thumb.JPG.867aa2f23be5bb98bafb09cc38d3e680.JPGDSCI0015.thumb.JPG.4bebb91b41eb343e9affdfa93c25c492.JPGDSCI0016.thumb.JPG.953623e930e482b89b151d4797954d9a.JPGDSCI0017.thumb.JPG.7d549c5efd7423ecdeab51eca6cde9e3.JPG  Evidently Black Cutlass’s sole objective was to get back to their side.  There movements indicate stealth and evasion as much as possible.  They approached the front line in two groups, observing the terrain layout to best determine the most advantageous route of cover, maybe contemplating whether or not to engage on the way out.  But then again how many forces are near by..  2nd. is still unaware of enemy presence in their rear.DSCI0018.thumb.JPG.ad1b922ec15c583089515ad0de60a975.JPGDSCI0019.thumb.JPG.c953a8a4e3c805a9f7c1d448ddc0b76f.JPGDSCI0021.thumb.JPG.e8496fcc59dd5db61c2e417ad4c30109.JPGDSCI0022.thumb.JPG.6242082043a7160bb6c69f7e967ca0f2.JPGDSCI0023.thumb.JPG.c940b3332e2e822b12ce259ca3f04322.JPG  Black Cutlass checking their map coordinates anticipated the main pass through the ridge line would be covered.DSCI0025.thumb.JPG.aea67eb78f7579e5e12df5b5339e6d07.JPGDSCI0026.thumb.JPG.2a01c973721642bbf5de47b44893a44f.JPGDSCI0027.thumb.JPG.82c6a61e96cdbb806b6cd96d298bce53.JPG  Indirect Diversionary fire, with smoke, was carried out on the pass to attempt to draw the 2nd.’s focus on a possible assault through said pass; in the mean time try to slip through a small gap rarely used on the left flank of the 2nd.DSCI0028.thumb.JPG.07162f61188f37b9fbc311620df18a1d.JPGDSCI0029.thumb.JPG.1e3362d13b493782d3f2549087896324.JPGDSCI0030.thumb.JPG.1685834ca95a2f9a052f58e91616db41.JPGDSCI0031.thumb.JPG.4a805f3d4c5639c40f1776d66a6169f3.JPGDSCI0032.thumb.JPG.43d5d91db59f68bf62cc1afa7583e793.JPGDSCI0033.thumb.JPG.8d816a0f4ac69eb99a055c3505c77cec.JPGDSCI0034.thumb.JPG.6f5f950c96999af5b96e1da49b6db9e4.JPGDSCI0035.thumb.JPG.914308c22754c93301888e99de124e7a.JPG   The rest of the 2nd.’s 1st. Company had the 2nd. Platoon on the right flank and 3rd. Platoon on the left flank.  Black Cutlass was successful in their breakout.DSCI0036.thumb.JPG.ae78fdb640f9c9d6a524c7ba36a619da.JPGDSCI0037.thumb.JPG.1661bcdafe7a25d1bbcfe9b4571c851d.JPG  Had they been in the frame of mind to attack on the way out, the 2nd could have suffered greatly with Black Cutlass coming up to point blank from behind before they could have reacted.

            Black Cutlass escaped with a Halberd, Butcher, Dictator 60, Duelist, and two Wights.

            2nd Cavalry had a Thunderbird, Starhawk VI, Tyrant, and a Crusader.


This has been the Watchman reporting.

Good day. 


Notes:  The spires in the last few shots indicate indirect fire impacts, these spires are for future peaks.

           Black Cutlass has indicated a desire to work on more module to effect a better visual display.  There are some other fifteen modules that can be built.  In the overall shot near the top you can see four modules alone without terrain features that otherwise would be covered with elevated features.

          We are still running CAV 1 rules.



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MercNews Report 9
Watchman Reporting
MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)

I bid you greetings;


Black Cutlass raid on 2nd Cav. Airbase


Black Cutlass                                                2nd Cavalry

                                                                    1st Armored Company


Emperor           528                                         Centipede HQ

Ogre                487      Damaged                      17 Wolverine AFVs

Gladiator II       322                                          1 obliterated

Panther           199                                          1 KIA

                                                                     1 Damaged

Falcon             310

Rhino               598      Damaged

Dictator 60       306      Damaged

Talon                217


Black Cutlass Mission:


            Black Cutlass was hired to cause as much destruction and disruption of the Air Base as possible.DSCI0001.thumb.JPG.8b4b67a4fb91b7e5f020372ba36a1d51.JPGDSCI0002.thumb.JPG.213f06ca4d9cf80780d64e1f646fc81c.JPG Unbeknownst to Black Cutlass there were only five Wolverines deployed for base defense and the rest were in various stages of taking a break, performing minor repairs, or rearming; as they basically just arrived on station.

            Black Cutlass was most fortunate to be able to catch the 2nd Cav off guard.  They used ground cover to the utmost to get as close to the base as possible.  Taking some time with the convoluted terrain present.DSCI0014.thumb.JPG.589256bda2c1fcab4c2fd22ab68dd799.JPGDSCI0015.thumb.JPG.31ddfdf64ba901498d9f78d77bcd878f.JPGDSCI0023.thumb.JPG.e1ee8b3c5b88c35888fa20b6a4608f64.JPGDSCI0024.thumb.JPG.244724714979b82396d13adf9fd57a7a.JPGDSCI0025.thumb.JPG.cf3ef49e0a22dcde3e4127258d8596e0.JPG  They had the option of using a more direct route but then risked being spotted.DSCI0027.thumb.JPG.fbe3883ca50741c4680372ecb5004ec6.JPGDSCI0028.thumb.JPG.2161b50d2273c7bbd40908efc3d544da.JPG  They finally reached a point where they were spotted, which started a countdown clock for the mobilization of the remainder of the Wolverines.DSCI0034.thumb.JPG.2ae491ca4fed08aa912bb00298ce83f5.JPG For the most part the Black Cutlass units performed their move/fire/move actions. In the ensuing battle on each flank a wolverine was knocked out.DSCI0034.thumb.JPG.2ae491ca4fed08aa912bb00298ce83f5.JPGDSCI0037.thumb.JPG.aa837b9c4c5bab1a372f8b1283e2f011.JPGDSCI0039.thumb.JPG.408a52414755a006df28cdc9b28cd5ec.JPGDSCI0040.thumb.JPG.88e164e8e73d1eb90ac2728d88752526.JPG  The Wolverine had two CAVs hitting him at point blank range and blew him away.  On the left flank the Wolverine crew survived being K.O.d.  Facing him was the Rhino, Emperor, and an Ogre.DSCI0042.thumb.JPG.1b1b79f32418b50534d9525e298e3be2.JPG the three remaining Wolverines backed off finding more cover to stall as long as possible, till the rest of the unit swings into action.  Strangely enough, Black Cutlass ended its attack and withdrew.  Clearly he had the advantage and could have bottled up 2nd. Cav.  They definitely were the victors.   This time with a 1D6, it ended up being 6 turns to mobilize everyone.  Next time with something like this it will be a unit by unit basis to represent the random stages of readiness.. 




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Neat board! The next terrain project on my list is some 'installation' style terrain just like that. Six turns without reinforcements definitely sounds rough for the defenders, I like the idea of rolling separately for each model.

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5 hours ago, Vil-hatarn said:

Neat board! The next terrain project on my list is some 'installation' style terrain just like that. Six turns without reinforcements definitely sounds rough for the defenders, I like the idea of rolling separately for each model.

The completed ones in the pictures are mounted on 18"x24" Luan/Lauan plywood, many more to do.  The ones completed from now on will not have the elevated sections glued to the board just the ground level terrain, which will make it easier to store the boards and the terrain can be put in a bag.  I will mark the bottom of the pieces with the map number to facilitate faster placement.  The mountains on the other hand, there is no getting around trying to make it easier to store.  I want to make one more with a larger Air Base high up.  You can see the problem in: Sculpting, Conversion, and Terrain/Works in Progress pg3, 3D Terrain, unfortunately there is a height limitation of around 4'.  I will also address the issue of water depth, more  so than I have and the Battletech Boards that have many declivities down to depth 4.  Some challenges ahead, but it is all fun.

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    • By Watchman
      MercNews Battle Report 6
      Watchman Reporting
      MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)

      I bid you greetings;

             There is a field report coming in of a small, but intense, battle presently in progress. Current location has been CLASSIFIED by request of the 14th. Cav.

             The force structure of each is as follows:

      14th. Cav.

      Dictator 70  Archer  Ogre     Scorpion      Mastodon


             The next unit, due to its varied scheme and colorful nature, must be the Pirates:           Black Cutlass

      (2) Wights   (2) Rhinos   Talon

             Both units being reinforced Platoons, the first with Artillery support and the second with ECM/ECCM support.

             Black Cutlass is advancing on his left flank taking full advantage of maneuver space and cover. The 14th is wending its way up the mountain passes.  Unfortunately the slower units ended up in the lead. (Turns 1 – 4)It appears the 14th made a tactical mistake sending the Ogre and Scorpion up the left hand pass, as will become apparent.  The Dictator is in position to open fire on the closest Wight, but the hits cause no damage and Wight returns fire and caused 1 hit. (Turn 5) The Archer is next to prosecute the same Wight, and again the fire did no appreciable damage. The Wight returned fire but was wide of the mark. The Mastodon reaches firing position and sends an AP (Armor Piercing) round down range and does 1 damage point on the same Wight. (Turn 7) Once again the Mastodon shoots at the Wight with another AP round, but causes no significant damage. The Wight returns fire but once again misses the target. The second Wight pops up and takes a shot at the Archer obtaining 1 hit, but the Archer returns fire and also scores 1 hit on the second Wight. (Turn 6)  Rhino #1 comes in range to shoot at the Mastodon with no effect. The Mastodon returns fire with AP and scores 2 hits on Rhino #1. (Turn 7)  The Dictator comes under fire and is hit 2 times, whereas the returned fire from the Dictator has no effect. (Turn 8)  The first Wight again shoots at the Dictator and hits 2 times, and in return Wight #1 takes 1 hit.  The Dictator scores 1 hit on the Talon, but when it gets into action and puts 2 hits on the Dictator, that was sufficient to take down the Dictator. (Turn 9)  Wight #2 shoots and hits the Archer, with 1 hit and is missed with returning fire. (Turn 10)  (Battle ended due to time constraints)

      Battle Results:     Black Cutlass                  14th Cav.

                                  Wight #1      2 hits            Dictator 70   7 hits

                                  Wight #2      1 hit             Archer          2 hits    

                                  Rhino #1      2 hits

      Talon           1 hit

      After Action Report:

             14th Cav. suffered from poor Recon initially.  Sending the Ogre and Scorpion on the left hand trail, fatally took them out of action, as not being able to navigate the exit trail off the mountain and instead caused them to traverse to the right hand trail back off the mountain to the valley trail.  Had the battle lasted they eventually would have been able to engage.  The Dictator rushing out ahead of supporting forces gave the Pirates a primary target to focus on with little hindrance to there attacks.  Once the Talon moved into coverage range the Dictator was in for a rough ride resulting in the necessity of punching out of the doomed machine. The only fault I can lay at Black Cutlass’ feet is putting the Talon on the front line as a regular combat unit, thus exposing the unit to the possible loss of the highly effective ECCM capability. (One small, small, concession to the Cav. Commander, was the distraction of running the rules to relearn the rule mechanics since the last battle, of say, a year ago.)   


      This is the Watchman

      Good Day



    • By Watchman
      Is the Mil-Net site still functional?  I keep getting a blank page, with action done, no IE errors displayed.
    • By Watchman
      Will there be another JoR to cover the models not covered in JoR 1& 2, or is there a resource already out there covering those?
    • By Watchman
      MercNews Report
      Watchman Reporting
      MercNet HQ, Kaitos (2)
         Yet another Mercenary unit has has been observed operating on the outer fringes of standard "civilized" space.  The observation was on a small barren planet beyond Fornax (160).  It appears to be another company sized unit at this point.  We are sending in a Sky High Observer Drone to obtain more detailed information on the force structure.  Stay tuned on further developments.
    • By Watchman
            Currently I have the third Data set ready, Combat Characteristics for CAV1. 
      What is in this set:
      Total characteristics by race then UCOR.
      Weapons characteristics by UCOR
      Equipment characteristics by UCOR
      Weapons characteristics by type then UCOR
      Equipment characteristics by type then UCOR
      Weapons list by UCOR
      Systems by UCOR then type.
      Each system type has its own sheet also by UCOR with available dates.  Not sure where I am going with those as yet, but they are there.
      Any one wishing a copy e-mail me: USofA3 at juno.com , subject CAV1 Combat Characteristics or CAV all for all lists.  The list for CAV2 will take a bit longer.
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