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What Mini's would you like to see in a Boxed set??

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The Court of Abyst has 5-6 demons in it. One big demon and 4-5 smaller ones. It's a nice set.


I would like to see more mushroom men, too. But they are kind of heavy and chunky, so they would probably be better made in Bones.

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Mouslings!!! I want a steampunk Mouslings boxed set with mad scientists (male and female), Victorian lord and lady, male and female adveturers\air pirates, and male and female street persons. Just, you know, as mice.


Ok. Humans would be acceptable too. *sigh*

I have not gotten into the Mouslings but they look so cool! Steampunk mouslings would be cool...I wonder if it would be possible to have a mad scientist mousling with a miniature human doll a la "attack of the Puppet People"...hmmm

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Bryan is already mentioned that it is highly unlikely that you will see any BONES in some kind of a box set. Usually there is some savings associated with getting a box set but with the BONES they can't save you any money because of the price points when you add in the cost of the box.

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Maybe "boxed set" is the wrong terminology to use. I don't necessarily need a box. Or a plastic figure case that costs more than my minis. I'm looking for a bundle deal on a starter set of Karkarions, or 8 mushroom men, or enough goblins to make a dungeon encounter. Give me one SKU to order, and don't make me spend an hour hunting through 5000 figures to find all the product numbers.


Just an idea.

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Maybe "boxed set" is the wrong terminology to use. I don't necessarily need a box. Or a plastic figure case that costs more than my minis. I'm looking for a bundle deal on a starter set of Karkarions, or 8 mushroom men, or enough goblins to make a dungeon encounter. Give me one SKU to order, and don't make me spend an hour hunting through 5000 figures to find all the product numbers.Just an idea.

So kind of like the Bones Orcpocalypse then?

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As I recall, Bryan has pretty much ruled out any sort of Bones bundles. Either they'd need to be in a nice box, which would cost enough that the savings would be lost, or they'd be in a cheap baggy or something, which would reduce the perceived value of the minis. They would no longer be in the serious gaming minis category, they'd be in the cheap "baggie-o-minis" category with the 100 zombies for $5, or various children's toys. So there's really no good way to sell package deals of Bones. But really, why would you need to, when they're so cheap anyway?


Now, it's possible they could just have a one-click button on their website that adds a whole army to your cart, but it wouldn't be anything they could send out to distributors, and the low price-point of Bones would make a discount on such a thing unlikely.

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As you say, the Bones are already a terrific deal and I wasn't thinking of so much of bundling those as the metal figures. Even after the KS there are still thousands of metal figures not in plastic. One-click ordering on bundled Warlord starter sets or dungeon-themed sets is exactly what a website is good for. No shop wants to stock 14 different boxes that customers may or may not want, but Reaper almost casts-to-order. From their end there isn't a lot of difference between an order with 12 different orc SKUs, and an order for Orc Bundle (includes these 12 SKUs). It's entirely a customer convenience thing. If the price is $2 cheaper and I only have to click once, that's an enticement to buy.

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You want goblins for an encounter punch "goblin bones" into the search bar and just get back goblins currently in Bones part of the catalog. They come in a handy pack of 6 ;) (and some 3 packs probably once the PF Gobbos hit Bones).


There is no need to manually crawl through every page of Reaper's catalog thanks to the search function. :)

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This has been mentioned before, but not as a boxed set: Themed Chess Sets. Not just the basic white or black sets, but more along the lines of Evil, Holy, Dwarves, Elves, Cowboys, Pirates, Monsters, Egyptian, Dragons, Samurai, infinite etc. You could either pit Dwarves against Elves or paint two color schemes of Dwarves and pit them against each other. Admittedly, Warlord Armies are a pretty good start for creating your own chess set, but pre-made boxed sets could come with a fold-out chess board.

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If they did Warlord starter armies, I'd like to see some CAV ones as well. Especially if CAV ends up switching to Bones.


I don't know the size of the CAV pieces compared to their regular minis, and I don't know how many minis typically constitute a small Warlord or CAV army, but here's my idea for packaging Bones starter army packs - Put them into a big multi-blister pack sort of like what the LTPKs come in.


Split the long blister that the brushes are in on the LTPK package into another 3 smaller blisters like what are used for the minis. Then stick 2-3 minis in each blister section, and you've got a nice looking kit that should work as a small starting army. The packaging should be cheap enough that it would be cost efficient for the Bones figures, the prospective buyer would be able to get a good look at the figures in the pack just by looking at it for a few seconds, and it wouldn't scream "CHEAP!" like a simple plastic bag that's been heat sealed/stapled shut would.

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I don't know if this has been mentioned (my apology, if it has been). I would love to see a (boxed set or two) of non-combat posed fantasy townfolk...both male, female in varied poses to populate a town, tavern, a farmers market...I know that Reaper makes the varied (TOWNFOLK SETS)...but to buy just (1) of each of sets (#1, #2, #3, #5, #8, #? = lady,kids,chickens) would cost aprox. $72,00 (not counting shipping)...and you would still need another 8 to 10 common folk.


Reaper makes beautiful figures and I love them...but I also love the non-combat & social aspect of RPG game playing and there is a need for these types of miniature figures at a nice low to moderate price (in a boxed set)...The same goes for a boxed set of common animals (cows, goats, chickens, turkeys, pigs, dogs, horses, etc.).

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