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Which online order or FLGS goodness do you crave? I seem to have about 3-4 online orders I really wanna-wanna do!

Reaper - brush-on-primers, some of the basis-paints, empty droppers for water. And lots of minis. Mucho minis. And LTPK's.

Hasslefree - Bases. Oh gosh the bases. And a Tardis, everyone needs a Tardis (and possibly a doctor).

Random ebay seller - 36 inches of GS. 7 pounds. And Discworld minis! :D And insta-mold!

(Also, I have this thing with "one order", meaning one order of 34~ or less dollars to get it under the toll-treshold!)

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I'm normally a patient guy, never really buying stuff before I've looked at it a lot. Still, getting into minis has got me excited! Buy stuff! Shiny stuff! Green stuff!

(I still min-max purchases, tho, but that comes from limited funds and all that ;) )

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I'm just waiting and checking the damned mailbox every day at this point. I currently have 3 orders somewhere between their respective warehouses and my house:


1 order from MWG's closing-the-store sale, with Mantic skeletons and orcs

1 LTPK2 from Reaper

a box of random, mostly OOP paints from RAFM.



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Too long to post here. I have a spreadsheet. Lots of reaper figures, lots of darksword figures, lots of red box figures, all of the stonehaven dwarves, bunch of the thunderbolt mountain minis, tons of bases, all of reaper's paints, a new work station, an awesome way to store all my minis, display cases to mount on the wall.... other stuff :blink:

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Since Reaper is in shipping limbo, I think it's a good time to dump a massive order on them. Back catalog time!

02474: Boren Backslap

02623: Sheya, Shield Maiden

02765: Astral Reavers (3)

02782: Warl Hellbore, Assassin

02840: Dark Stalker

02886: Dark Creeper

02927: Hassan, Genie

03007: Egyptian Cat Statue

03186: Wizard's Workshop

03237: Damon, Male Thief

03254: Naseer, Genie of Hakir

03319: DHL Classics: Fighters (3)

03322: Efreeti Emir

03372: Torasin Karpheus, Dervish Warrior

03393: Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard

14071: Athak, Necropolis Sergeant

14080: Guardian Angel, Crusaders Solo

14164: Chosen of Sokar, Nefsokar Sergeant

14474: Marilith

14525: Rageclaw Sentry

14609: Darkshade Raider

50053: Sly Withers, Street Boss

50060: Dr. John Watson

50059: Sherlock Holmes

50246: Marie, She-Bot

60002: Ezren, Iconic Male Human Wizard

60033: Skinsaw Man

60036: Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa

60057: Half Orc Assassin


Yeeeah baby!

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From Reaper: all their L2PKs, Mr. Bone's boat (okay, Charon's), and most of the pre-existing Bones that I don't have. After that, it becomes far-future wishlist territory with "ALL THE PAINTS (no, I have no idea yet if I'll stay in the hobby long enough to make use of them, but this is an artist-in-general want anyway). And then super-wishful-thinking wishlist of: all the minis in metal that I like in Bones.


Minis-related: Uuhm... I suppose more Asian-flavored or Oriental-flavored (not the same thing) minis would be grand. Maybe some greenstuff to mod with.


Sooort-of minis-related: An extra set of minis from Fortune and Glory to paint up in different colors. Same with the minis from Flying Frog's other games, A Touch of Evil and Last Night On Earth. And if I knew where to find them, same with the minis from the Ghost Stories board game.

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