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I'm keen to get Phoenicia, Arcane Spellcaster from Guild of Harmony:



Besides more Reaper paints I also have some more Reaper-y miniature goodness on my wishlist:

- 60088: Cleric of Urgathoa

- 14558: Elven Musician

- 03398: Liriel Silverlocks, Female Elf Bard


And of course I'm with Klawzie with wanting more asian-themed minis. I'm so excited, I just got Dark Sword Miniatures' Geisha Assassin and Geisha Guinea Pig in the mail.



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I want all the Reaper paints, which I seem to be getting closer to achieving these days. I'd also like a full set of the orcs from Warlord, specifically the black orcs, because I think they all look awesome. I would also love to get most of the CAV mechs just because I'm a mecha fan.


I'd also like to be able to download the ability to paint minis into my brain, among other things, but I don't think that is quite what this wish list stuff is about.

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Been a while now since we had a wishlist thread, thought I'd start one and also ask people what their most recent miniature purchases were! (I love swag posts. MMmmmm, swag!) :bday:

New Zealand games supplies store Slave to Painting had a 25% sale about a week ago and I ordered two packs of Wyrd Miniatures' Malifaux line. Firstly a pack of Oiran Outcasts:



and the Ten Thunders, The Thunder box:


Which has some more great asian-style warriors and a 9-tailed fox! *squeee*
I don't plan on playing the Malifaux game, but I intend to add these to my growing collection of orient-themed minis for a D&D game I will host some day.


The next two items on the wishlist are from the same line, Wong the Gremlin (he is sooo a goblin, I don't care what anyone says!) he's so creepy and interesting I love him and the Masters of the Path.


What have you all purchased lately? Brushes, paints, minis?

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ooo I love that 9-tailed fox.


last thing I bought was... Gnomish Adventurer's.


Next thing I buy will... depending on race, most probably the next line from Stonehaven as they do really creative interesting sculpts. I however, will probbaly not buy everything, but just pick and choose a couple of sculpts.


Edit: haha apparently the next purchase will Wong since the wife is currently playing a goblin sorceror and squeed when she saw it.

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ooo I love that 9-tailed fox.


Edit: haha apparently the next purchase will Wong since the wife is currently playing a goblin sorceror and squeed when she saw it.

Yeeeeeeeees! Wong is such a great mini, kinda kicking myself that I didn't get him during the sale. Ah well! He will soon be mine!


I first saw the fox in a painting tutorial a few months back and wanted one ever since.

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Let me know if you see a decent male kitsune hanging around. I haven't found one yet.


I'm really hoping stonehaven does the more rarer races as their next kickstarter. I'd love to see their take on kitsune, goblins and all the funky guys.

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Looking forward to seeing you tackle your Oirans Cassu! They're great minis but I found them a bit too tricky for me to paint (I've only managed one so far).



My latest purchases were Dorothy from Guild of Harmony and Vivian from Bombshell Babes:-




I'm not too sure what I'll get next, I don't really need anything considering all the Kickstarter goodies I've got coming over the next few months, but now painted sets of the latest Super Dungeon Explore release have started showing up on the 'Net I'm really tempted to get one (and the rest).

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My last purchase was yesterday, a pack of 40mm round bases. I will put some of the medium sized Bones monsters on them.


Prior to that, not counting Kickstarters, was a new brush...


I have very few needs or wants these days. There's a few new Reaper figures I want, will probably place an order this fall.

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I just ordered 3 new minis (and some paints) from Reaper - I can't argue with free shipping. Planning on doing them up for the family. Not sure when, all of them are nice sculpts that I picked for specific reasons, I want to get good enough to do them justice first, might end up being for xmas presents.


Jack Harrison, Adventuring Hero - For my fiancee (a huge Indiana Jones fan)

Arianna,Fairy Princess - For our 10 year old daughter

Amon, Viking Warrior - For me.


Now I just ordered those, and they haven't even shipped from Reaper yet, so I don't know if they count. Previous to that I think the last thing I actually received was a couple of Back 2 Base-ix wall climbers (free shipping!). They make my small painting/PC desk much more manageable:



Next on my purchase list is BONES - I've actually placed a bid on ebay (about which I have conflicting feelings) for a Reaper Kickstarter Vampire Box. The auction ends tonight, and while I have the highest bid now, I expect to get sniped, because that's what happens on ebay now. So, assuming I'm not getting this, (and honestly, even if I do win that auction) I'll be ordering a bunch of the new Bones once they become available.

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Newest purchase: Kent Bromley arts supplies, liquitech varnish, W&N S7 size 1, brush soap and misc :) Can't wait til I get it! :D

I really wants the happy seppuku KS, but it is over the 200NOK-line :/ If I could get a stamp + the KS stamp for 34 bucks I'd probably go for it! I'm also bidding on a few things (discworld minis, Dibbler included! and some others) on ebay, that will probably be my next one. I need the cheap GS and bases the guy has anyway :)

Also: making a large-ish reaper order with a friend when KS stuff hits the stores!

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Those wall climbers are nice...making me waver in my resolve to build shelving (also I suck at carpentry).


My recent retail purchases were dubious stuff from Ukraine, awesome stuff with mediocre quality. I haven't been hitting retail, most of my money is tied up in KS for now, though that tide is turning now that I've got a gajillion mins. My most recent Reaper order is in the last wishlist thread :)



02474: Boren Backslap

02623: Sheya, Shield Maiden

02765: Astral Reavers (3)

02782: Warl Hellbore, Assassin

02840: Dark Stalker

02886: Dark Creeper

02927: Hassan, Genie

03007: Egyptian Cat Statue

03186: Wizard's Workshop

03237: Damon, Male Thief

03254: Naseer, Genie of Hakir

03319: DHL Classics: Fighters (3)

03322: Efreeti Emir

03372: Torasin Karpheus, Dervish Warrior

03393: Vistaril Quillscratch, Wizard

14071: Athak, Necropolis Sergeant

14080: Guardian Angel, Crusaders Solo

14164: Chosen of Sokar, Nefsokar Sergeant

14474: Marilith

14525: Rageclaw Sentry

14609: Darkshade Raider

50053: Sly Withers, Street Boss

50060: Dr. John Watson

50059: Sherlock Holmes

50246: Marie, She-Bot

60002: Ezren, Iconic Male Human Wizard

60033: Skinsaw Man

60036: Visbaronetess Delour Aulamaxa

60057: Half Orc Assassin



The most recent thing I've gotten delivered is the AWESOME Brom art book from KS. If I could translate that into mini painting, I could die a happy man. Well, happier.


fake edit: Oh, I did grab the new LE Resin from Studio McVey, as well as an older LE and a couple limited runs:







Oh, I forgot the other half of the topic!


Next on my wishlist: More time to paint.

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Let me know if you see a decent male kitsune hanging around. I haven't found one yet.


I'm really hoping stonehaven does the more rarer races as their next kickstarter. I'd love to see their take on kitsune, goblins and all the funky guys.

I will! I'll likely get one for myself too if I see one, cute human anthos are hard to come by. As it is I want this catboy and catgirl from Anima Tactics for my collection.


Thanks aku-chan! I got the Dorothy too from GoH, she's such a lovely figure. I must admit to being kind of intimidated by her loveliness and gorgeous details.

My Oiran and extras arrived this morning!



E-gads the epic load of sprues! I've been fairly spoiled up until now and never had to assemble minis with so many pieces from a sprue like this, so it will be a interesting challenge. I can see already how detailed and dynamic the figures are, very impressed.


Malynor; getting minis for your family - best Dad ever! Love those wall climbers too, I've been looking at the same ones from Back 2 Base-ix but wondering if I should get the wall climbers or the ones that sit on the desk. I could use the extra desk space but I'm not sure how I feel about keeping my paints on their side. I assume it's okay, and encouraged so the paint doesn't settle on the bottom? I'm still so new to all of this I'm scared of doing something wrong and spoiling my minis / paints.

Good luck on getting the Bones box!


Cash, I am jealous of your and your Brom swag. To this day I still think he's painted the best ever Drizzit. Also damn studio McVey for their gorgeous sculpts. I have their Akarui but I missed out on Azumi.


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