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I love this idea! It may just be the picture, but you hand claws look close together- it may be hard to sculpt them and keep them separate. Can you push the pinky claw out a bit to give your self some more room? Or are you planning on having the claws touch? When I think of dragons I think separate claws grabbing looks more dynamic, but it's probably easier just to have them made from one piece. Great work so far! Keep it up!

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I need advise from sculptors.


I think I have a good base for the hands/claws, but I want to add details and I'm at a loss as to how to add such teeny tiny details. They need to looks like brutal claws which could rip anything apart. Metal, stone, anything. They're six inches long and look like very lethal sharp claws.


Here's my pictures for now.



Any assistance an experienced sculptor can give me would be greatly appreciated. Heck, I'll even pull it all off and start over if I have to. I want them to look good.

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I don't count as experienced in terms of greenstuff, but can you file in between the claws to thin them? Dremel?


You want a nice clean line with sharp edges to make them appear eeevil. One option would be to roll a thin piece of greenstuff out and cut a claw shape, drape it over something slightly curved and build up mass after the shape you want dries. You could glue it onto your wire (put it under the wire) and then use the wire to give roundness to the claw with greenstuff. I think there's some sort of cardstock or something those smarter guys use to create shapes in greenstuff. Can't remember what it's called. But I expect a thinner, longer claw would give the impression you want. I'm planning to play with a sculpt today- I'll see what I can come up with!


ok- played around. had a few flat pieces of greenstuff leftover. glued one to a wire. added some depth. does this look like what you want?


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Ya, that does look good. Thank you. I already pulled off what I had on one of the hands and was going to try to fiddle with it tonight. This helps, thank you ::):

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I got the arms attached and all the colours blocked in. The armour is going to be dull black metal, and the loin cloth red. He's gold of course, and I'm going to make his claws a darker gold.




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