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King of the Hill

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This Saturday, May 11th we are have a BONES swap meet, after the meet there will be a game of King of the Hill. for those wanting to participate the details and rules are below.


Each player will control one 350 point troop. Players may bring their own troop or use one of the ones we will have on hand.


The board will be a 4x4 table with a hill in the center. On the hill is a 3 inch circle.


The object is to be the player with the most damage tracks in the circle at the end of the turn.


For Example: Player one has 3 goblin models with one damage track each and Player 2 has DeathSleet with 2 wounds. Player one would have 3 damage tracks while Player 2 would have 4. Player 2 would have control of the hill.


If a player loses all the models in his troop all the players models re spawn at the bottom of the hill at the start of the next turn.


The game will start at 3:00 and go until 6:00 or until we get tired of running up the hill.


Trophies will be given to the player that holds the hill for the most turns and the player with the most kills.


The store details are:


Heroes Haven Games & collectibles

1277 Lexington Ave.,

Mansfield, Ohio 44907




and the original swap meet thread is here:




Hope to see you there!


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Ok, here is the quick game summary:


Player were:

Kim - Three Frost Giants & Familiar

Jack - Kentaur, Night Specter, 10 Ghouls

Bob - Vasyl & 3 Line Breakers

Dave - Lots O' Goblins

Me - Herald of Blood, 2 Lesser Golems, 1 Pinner


The first blood was drawn by Bob, who pegged Kim's giant as we all rushed for the hill. Despite that, Kim managed to score the first victory point on round 2. After that she got beat up real bad. Her Familiar died twice by round four. Her army was the first to be wiped out, which acually was a benefit. Jack scored next, followed by my army. That little pinner, who I added simply because I had 21 points left, was working out real well. He was hitting stuff, and then ran up and gave me the one extra damage track I needed to win the victory point. Dave's Goblins won that round because we just couldn't kill all those buggers. Everybody but Kim and her Re-spawned army were pretty beat up by turn 5. I moved the Herald over close to Dave's Goblins, where he was promtly slain and blew up several Goblins. Kim's fresh army stormed the hill and took the victory points the next two rounds as the rest of us finished dying off and re-spawned. Jack's horde of Ghouls then got up the hill and took over. There was a lot of nasty fighting, but for two rounds Jack managed to gain the victory points. Going into round 10 Kim & Jack were tied. It was going to be the last round, and things were looking good for Jack. That was until the last card came up and I put a beat down on Jack with my Golems. That left a tie for the last victory point, and this meant no point was scored that turn. Kim & Jack had to settle for sharing the win.


It was a really fun time. Many thanks to Sergei for running it!

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