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03463, Golanth, Half Dragon, Male - Sculpted by: Julie Guthrie


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Here is another commission I finished up recently. He is the Mate / Complimentary figure to the Female Half Dragon I painted up for him late last year for his Granddaughter. I posted the photos of the female back then, but have added a shot here so you all can see them together. The color schemes were supposed to match as close as possible.










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Very nice! I especially like the NMM work on the black armor and the sword. My only critique would be that you could add some smaller brighter areas of highlight on some of his blue scaled flesh, especially on the scales on the back of his head, bringing the topmost parts of those highlights closer to white. But that is just nitpicking. Your painting is way beyond mine in skill. I still struggle with NMM technique and often resort to metallic paint.

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