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03463, Golanth, Half Dragon, Male - Sculpted by: Julie Guthrie

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Here is another commission I finished up recently. He is the Mate / Complimentary figure to the Female Half Dragon I painted up for him late last year for his Granddaughter. I posted the photos of the female back then, but have added a shot here so you all can see them together. The color schemes were supposed to match as close as possible.










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Very nice! I especially like the NMM work on the black armor and the sword. My only critique would be that you could add some smaller brighter areas of highlight on some of his blue scaled flesh, especially on the scales on the back of his head, bringing the topmost parts of those highlights closer to white. But that is just nitpicking. Your painting is way beyond mine in skill. I still struggle with NMM technique and often resort to metallic paint.

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    • By Mutilatedlips
      Delicate piece. Glued a swordhand, head, tail, wings and a dagger. Wish i had more time, but i had to call finished at this point. Spent about a week more than usual on him. So much going on with him.

    • By Mutilatedlips
      Heck yeah! I almost spiked the mini when I saw how nice the pics came out. Been struggling for 4 years now to take a good pic.
      For a friend, 2 more Dragonkin to go (one Reaper and another Dark Sword)





      oh and here are some larger pics for my picture sized challenged friends out there....





    • By Mutilatedlips
      A friend has me painting up a bunch of these Darksword dragonkin models for a campaign. Experimentations galore in this one, especially to try and speed up painting the cloak and skin (used reapers clear paints.)
      I have been a Reaper paint man for quite some time, but recently picked up some citadel shades and have been nothing but happy with them. Their blue shade over the green/yellow skin gave just the desired effect. They also don't appear to be as matt as Reapers paints, most cases I prefer more matt, but in this case the reptilian skin seems to have just the right amount of gloss.
      Also used Vallejo's satin varnish (another new purchase) for the armor which protects and keeps it shiny without looking wet like the normal gloss would or destroying the shine like most of the matt varnishes I have used.


    • By DocPiske
      Here are the two latest Bones. Almost running out of the current available, but I have plenty of other plastic and metal to paint while waiting on my Kickstarter reward.


      And two others. I recently had to repair these two after suffering a dropped case incident, and since they were on my desk I decided to snap some photos. This half dragon (supposed to be bronze, but I like the red better) lost both his arms. Luckily he knows a cleric who is high enough level to cast regeneration:

      This next one is one of my favorites. I was going for a desert ranger color scheme. Who says rangers are only found in the forest? I am not a fan of the sword, though. I've had to re-attach it twice now. I pinned it this time.

      Next time, spiders.
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